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These Hair Products Won Her Campus’ 2023 College Beauty Awards

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Have you ever walked into your favorite store and expected to only spend a certain amount, but instead, you come out with three bags’ worth of stuff and a receipt a mile long? Yep, that’s what happens every time I walk into a beauty store. Having all of the best hair care products in your routine is nothing short of euphoric. That’s why, for this year’s College Beauty Awards, Her Campus writers and editors put dozens of hair products to the test to find the ones that are bound to be your new instant favorites. Whether you have luscious locs, coils, or waves, we’ve got options for everyone! The seasons are changing, and including nourishing hair oils and deep conditioning treatments are key to unlocking those healthy strands. 

Protection goes beyond a good wash — utilizing a brush to detangle your hair and a bonnet to protect it at night is what keeps your hair looking beautiful! It’s time to get that fresh-out-of-the-salon look right at home. We’ve got no time to waste — get ready to fill your online shopping carts with these products that are perfect for every texture and color. 

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Chi Vibes

CHI Vibes Hair to Slay Daily Moisturizing Shampoo ($16)

Your shower routine just got a major upgrade thanks to this paraben-free shampoo from CHI Vibes! It deep-washes your scalp to remove any sweat, oil, or product from your hair, and is totally safe for all hair types. After using it, both Aja and Katelyn noticed hydrated, softer, and smoother hair. Aja says, “I immediately noticed a change in the health and structure of my hair after the first use. Now, my hair feels very healthy and fresh!”

Chi Vibes Conditioner?width=1024&height=1024&fit=cover&auto=webp
Chi Vibes

CHI Vibes Hair to Slay Split-End Mending Conditioner ($18)

“This conditioner is unique because it can smooth and detangle even the toughest of knots,” Aja says, which “makes it a lifesaver for her hair.” Daniella and Katelyn tried this conditioner after years of damage and found it helped add shine and moisture back into their locks.

Chi Vibes Waver?width=1024&height=1024&fit=cover&auto=webp
Chi Vibes

CHI Vibes Wave On Multifunctional Hairstyling Waver ($120)

Whether you’re styling your hair before class or heading out for a GNO, Katelyn says this styling tool is perfect to create an easy hairstyle. Daniella agrees, and says she could do her hair quickly with it. “I have thicker hair, which means I usually have to hold each curl longer — but with this waver, I can style my whole head in less than 20 minutes,” Daniella says, explaining that the different settings on this multifunctional waver were great in helping deliver the desired intensity of the waves!

4U By Tia Multi-Use Hair Oil ($12)

4C hair can be super fragile, and finding products that include moisturizing properties and frizz protection is important. 4U by Tia is a hair care brand by the legendary Tia Mowry. Her line of products is dedicated to curly-haired girls. The lightweight Multi-Use Hair Oil is non-greasy, and great to use before shampooing. “I used the product for taking down twist-outs and braid-outs as well as reviving day four/five hair, and it helped prevent the frizz that I always deal with later on in the week,” Monyka says. “I usually have to add cream or gel in my hair after the first half of a week, but the oil helped keep my hair calm and shiny while still being voluminous.” 

Odele Flex Hair Gel ($12)

Who doesn’t love a sleek bun?! Odele Beauty has a versatile hair gel that is crunch-free and long-lasting. A slick bun, ponytail, or defined curls are always possible with this product. “I have really curly hair and it helped my curls stay in place, unlike any other product,” Kayleigh says. “I also liked that the product was cruelty-free and vegan, which is something that more beauty and hair care products should do.” 

Flawless by Gabrielle Union Elongating Custard ($11)

There are plenty of curl-defining products on the market, but this one is leading the pack! Expect Flawless by Gabrielle Union to be a staple in your shopping cart in the near future. Her Elongating Custard is great for finger coils, twist-outs, bantu knots, and more. Ariana truly loves “the way it defines my curls without making it feel crunchy or weighed down.” 

Batiste Dry Shampoo Overnight Deep Cleanse ($14)

We’re college students on the go, and sometimes, a quick spritz of dry shampoo before that next class or meeting isn’t always possible. Use Batiste Dry Shampoo Overnight Deep Cleanse the day before that hectic schedule to have your hair feeling rejuvenated. “This overnight dry shampoo smells amazing, and didn’t leave any white residue on my dark brown hair, which was pretty miraculous. When I woke up, my hair didn’t look oily at all even though I was on day three without washing,” Tina says. 

Blissy Bonnet ($54)

Blissy is a curly-haired girl’s saving grace! This bonnet is a luxurious dream of silk material, so it both prevents a bad case of bedhead and preserves any hairstyle. Katherine says the bonnet is “both stylish and keeps your hair protected.” It’s most definitely stylish, as it comes in lots of pretty colors.

CURLS Texture Turban ($16)

Over time, using heavy bath towels on your curls can take away from their definition. To keep away any frizziness and damage, CURLS Texture Turban is a microfiber fabric option that absorbs excess moisture and locks in necessary hydration. “This product is Black hair-friendly, as it allows my 4C curls to be more defined. The wrap is also very soft and has vibrant packaging,” Eliana says. 

Tangle Teezer Plant Brush ($18)

Tangle Teezer has taken the hair care industry by storm with this brush! It’s made of 85% sustainably sourced castor beans, and its two-tiered teeth technology helps to flex over any tangles instead of breaking your strands. “The Tangle Teezer Plant Brush is one of my essentials for wash day,” Jasmine says. “This product efficiently detangles my curls without breakage. Overall, the product is lightweight, has soft bristles, and is easy to clean.” 

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