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The Best Fall Sneakers To Upgrade Your Closet With This Back-To-School Szn

Fall semester is just around the corner, so you know what that means: It’s time to upgrade your closet and choose what footwear will go best with your fall outfits. Finding what to wear at the beginning of fall can be tricky. You know you can’t wear sandals, and it would be too early for boots, so what does that leave? Sneakers! They’re guaranteed to keep your feet warm while also topping off your outfits just right! 

When picking out great fall sneakers, of course, you want something that matches your preferred taste and is also within your budget. Spending hundreds of dollars on sneakers that aren’t comfortable or don’t have good quality is a waste of money, but these 12 best fall sneakers for fall 2023 are guaranteed to give you top-quality shoes — not to mention top-tier style and an affordable price — plus get you excited for the new school year.

New Balance 997H V1 ($51)

Retro sneaker lovers, the New Balance 997h V1s are the perfect choice for you. Inspired by the ‘90s version of the 997 style, New Balance introduced this new and improved stylish cheetah print that screams fall. Made to last with lightweight support, this new generation of sneakers is great for running, walking, sporting, and everyday wear!

Steve Madden Women’s Possession ($59)

Have you ever heard of vegan shoes? Well, let these environmentally-friendly Steve Maddens be the first. These tan Steve Madden Possession shoes are perfect for stylish wear on a cool fall day. The imported rubber sole is great for everyday wear and can complement multiple outfits. 

Madewell Women’s Kickoff Trainer Sneakers ($98)

If you like to have more than one color in your shoes, these Madewell trainer sneakers are the right pair for you. Madewell’s women’s Kickoff Trainer sneakers are a perfect combination of colors, with brown and white balancing out each other evenly. Although the price is a bit higher than the others on this list, Madewell is known for its quality clothing and footwear, so this pair will last you all year long.

Vans Old Skool Stacked Canvas Shoes ($50)

What’s a sneaker list if it doesn’t include Vans? These old skool-style Vans take the classic shoe to an entirely different level. With more added height, this shoe is a mixture of the popular old-school shoe platforms with a modern-day twist. With lace-up closures and supported padding, this unique pair of Vans will surely get you in the fall mood!

Puma Cassia Mix Women’s Sneakers ($50)

Not all fall shoes have to be brown, and Puma’s Cassia Mix sneakers are the perfect example. With a balance of suede gray and white, these neutral-colored sneakers can be paired with any outfit in your closet. These are best for everyday wear, and they’re a great way to kick off the fall season! 

Jeossy Women’s 8011 Fashion Sneakers ($38)

With these Jeossy sneakers, the word “fashion” isn’t in the name for no reason. Vegan leather makes these casual shoes easily slip on and off with adjustable laces. Made especially for walking, these sneakers can be worn for hours on campus and still offer great comfort. And after a long day of classes, the material is easy to clean and ready to be worn again the next day! 

Nike Air Huarache ($75)

Get ready to put a twist on your fall footwear with these Nike Air Huaraches. Coming in 10 different styles and colors, Nike has officially revamped the 1991 shoe and recreated it for runners and walkers looking for simple yet fashionable footwear. Made with recyclable thermoplastic hardware, Huaraches have top-tier durability and are guaranteed to have a flexible fit. 

Nike Court Vision Low ($75)

There’s nothing better to start off the fall semester with than a fresh pair of Nikes. favorite Nike sneakers? Available in seven different colors, the low-cut design of the Nike Court Vision Low is great for movement and offers a sense of stability with any day-to-day activities. 

Puma Karmen Rebelle Platform Sneaker ($70)

Can’t get enough platform sneakers? Totally understandable — and these Puma Karmen platform sneakers are the latest and greatest to add to your collection. Every now and then, you need that one pair of shoes that takes your outfits to a new height, and these Puma platforms do just that. The neutral brown and off-white colors make it easy to pair this shoe with any clothes in your closet, giving you endless fashionable outfits. 

Reebok Women’s Classic Legacy Sneaker ($45)

Back to the fall-colored-themed shoes, and this pair is sure to excite you. Reebok’s Legacy sneaker has fall footwear written all over it! The chunky material offers a supported cushion feeling that is comfortable for everyday wear. The leather texture is also perfect for cool fall days.

Nike Air Max Systm ($70)

You can’t have fall-themed shoes without a touch of orange, and these Nike Air Max Systm shoes are just the right amount of orange you need in your closet. Made with breathable material, these shoes are a comfortable and secure fit that improves with each step, making you glad you made this purchase. 

Nike Air Max Excee ($90)

Can’t get enough of Nike? Well, meet the Nike Air Max Excee, a definite upgrade shoe. With light, soft, cushy material, this shoe is so diversely stylish that it can be paired with jogging suits, jeans, yoga pants, and more, making it adjustable to any look you feel like going for during the fall season. 

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