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The Best Clothes to Prevent The End-of-Summer Scaries

We all have that moment at the end of summer when we get hit with a scary realization — oh my god. I didn’t do anything this summer.

In late August, just about two weeks shy of September, you start to remember all the big summer dreams that haven’t been fulfilled: all the beach days that never were, the ice creams uneaten, and the untanned skin that never got to see the sun’s warm light. Once reality hits, you have the urge to cram as much summer-related fun as you can into the precious remaining weeks of August.

To beat the dreaded end-of-summer scaries, you might sit out in the sun until you fry or drink your body weight in pink lemonade. However, the best way to end the season on a high note is by scoring some last minute summer pieces for your wardrobe. Lucky for you, Tipsy Elves has got you covered. Known for their hilarious ugly Christmas sweaters, Tipsy Elves makes some of the best (and most outrageous) themed clothing out there. From St. Patrick’s Day-themed suits to shark onesies, they’ve got it all. But most importantly, they have every bathing suit, tank top, and romper you’ll ever need to complete your end-of-summer wardrobe.

1. For your (first) day at the beach

Don’t just wear any old sundress over your bikini — try a punny slogan tank top instead. This adorable tank is reminiscent of the classic movie Jaws and comes in a very fitting ocean blue color. (Beaches Be Crazy Tank, $25)

2. For your (second) day at the beach

We all know that one beach day won’t be enough to rid you of end-of-summertime sadness. If you’re relaxing in the sun and someone tries to bring up the dreaded “I can’t believe summer’s almost over” line, just sit back, smile and point to your tank top. Don’t let anybody kill your vibe. (Beach Don’t Kill My Vibe Tank, $25)

3. For pretending you’re on a tropical island

Tropical vacations are the dream way to spend the summer. But if you didn’t get to go on one, just pretend you did with clothes that fit the mood. These printed pineapple items are both stand-out pieces (that also happen to pair perfectly with a slice of pineapple). (Vacay All Day Tank, $25 and Pineapple Beach Shorts, $29)

4. For the best backyard barbeque ever

Everyone loves a good backyard barbeque. The grill is on, the smell of smoke is in the air, and the homemade hamburgers are ready to be devoured. What better way to enjoy a classic summer’s day than to pair it with a fun and fruity romper? (Watermelon Romper, $45)

5. For a day by the pool

While lounging by the pool, channel your inner “H2O: Just Add Water” character with this unique one-piece. Even though you might not be able to grow a mermaid tail, you can wear a bathing suit that makes you feel just like the mythical creature. And for good measure, “MERMAID” is printed right across the front (just so nobody mistakes you for a plain old fish). Bonus points for being able to use it as a Halloween costume when fall quickly rolls around. (Mermaid Bathing Suit, $48)

6. For the rest of the year when you wish it was summer again

If you long for summer all year round, this tank top can help you out. It lets everyone know that you’re daydreaming of being on the beach even in the dead of winter (just make sure to wear a coat with it). (Sunshine State of Mind Tank, $25)

Whether you wear just one or you wear them all, these fun pieces are guaranteed to help you keep your summer vibes strong even when the season is winding down. And if you’re someone who loves the colder months instead, Tipsy Elves also has you covered with some of the best holiday sweaters around. After all, it’s just around the corner!

Makena is the Decor Section Editor, and former Style Section Editor and Editorial Intern at Her Campus. She is a senior at Marist College majoring in Communication with a concentration in Journalism and a minor in Graphic Design. One day she hopes to put her writing skills to work at a magazine or women's publication.  Follow her on Instagram @makenagera and Twitter @makena_gera.
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