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These Cheek Products Won Her Campus’ 2023 College Beauty Awards

At any given moment, every social media platform is overflowing with makeup recommendations. Each day, hundreds of new looks are being posted by beauty gurus and content creators, and it can be hard to keep up! There are so many new makeup products that are labeled as the “next best thing,” or are endorsed by your favorite social media stars on TikTok and Instagram — and with this year basically being dubbed the year of blush, it’s especially true for cheek products. It becomes incredibly overwhelming to know which products to buy when so much different advice is being thrown around — especially when there is the risk of wasting both your money and time. 

To help you figure out what cheek products are really worth your money, Her Campus put 30 College Beauty Awards testers to work, trying out amazing products to see what cheek products are the best of the best. From bronzer to highlighter to blush, these products look great on the skin, and many are multifunctional, meaning they keep your skin hydrated and healthy while you’re on the go. So without further ado, here are the cheek products that made the 2023 Her Campus College Beauty Awards winner list.

DIBS Beauty Desert Island Duo ($36)

This blush and bronzer duo combines two products into one, making your makeup routine that much easier. “The blush and bronzer blended well on the skin without moving other makeup products,” explains Brooklyn. This duo is one of DIBS’ top best-selling products.

Essence Makeup Baby Got Bronze ($5)

Want to have a radiant glow everyday? Baby Got Bronze is made for you. The stick applicator is filled with a creamy, buildable formula that is easy to apply. “I usually don’t use bronzers, but after trying this product, I’ve started wearing bronzer everyday,” Gracen says. “I love the formula — it’s super creamy and applies easily onto the skin. The packaging is great, and I think it is worth the price!”

Neen Pretty Shiny ($29)

Pretty Shiny is a must when you want a dewy look that stays on all day. Packed with camellia, avocado, sunflower, and rose canina oils, this highlighter prevents your skin from becoming dehydrated, and comes in three unique shades. When Eileen wears this, she feels “like a little fairy princess,” she says. “It gives you that perfect shiny shimmery glow but also looks natural.”

Too Faced Cloud Crush Blurring Blush ($29)

This blurring blush comes in six different buildable shades, and is packed with a blend of flower extract. “This blush layers great with other makeup products in my routine. It also feels great on the skin,” Rachel says.

Youthforia BYO BLUSH TINTED Blush Oil ($36)

Youthforia’s blush oil has been taking over my TikTok FYP. It’s made with plant-based ingredients, so it hydrates your skin and keeps it healthy while you wear it. “I could definitely see this being flattering on a lot of skin tones. I’ve never used a blush that was liquid rather than powder, but I’m so happy this was the one to change [my mind],” Kaytlyn says.

e.l.f. Cosmetics Luminous Putty Bronzer ($7)

If you want a glowy, bronzy finish, e.l.f.’s non-greasy formula, which is infused with vitamin E and argan oil, is life-changing. The bronzer “applies well with a brush, sponge, or your fingers,” Shayna says. “I liked that it had a bit or sparkle in it — it gives you a bit more of a glow.”

Treslúce Beauty Playa Dreams Duo Highlighter ($7)

This duo product gives you the best of both worlds, with cream highlighter on one side and powder highlighter on the other. “I’ve used plenty of highlighters before, but this one was the one that I got the most compliments on,” Kayleigh says. “It feels very smooth despite the shimmer, and goes on the skin very nicely.”

Lila Bartolomeo

Virginia Tech '24

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