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Beauty Products our Editors Loved this Week: Shampoos, Conditioners, Body Oils and more!

As collegiettes our days are very busy — we barely have time to use all the beauty products we have, never mind keep track of all the new ones hitting shelves.  
Luckily, the beauty bloggers at Her Campus are here to try out some fun products and let you know which ones actually have our seal of approval! We’ll answer all your questions: What makes one lip gloss better than another? Which new nail polish is worth the splurge? What does that perfume actually smell like?
This week we are testing out some body scrubs and oils from LaLicious; a detangling must-have from TangleTeezer; and, shampoos, conditioners, and mousse from Bangstyle!
If you’ve tried any of these products, we’d love to get your opinion too! Comment below and let us know what you think!
BODY OIL / SCRUB: Lalicious Sugar Reef Body Oil & Tahitian Flower Body Scrub 
Price: Body oil- $24, Body scrub – $32 
Where to buy them: Available on their website, and select specialty body care stores.
After discovering my neighborhood’s local farm market, I have been obsessed with all things natural. Like the freshly-sun-drenched strawberries picked off the vine kind of natural. That’s why I was so excited when I got to try some of LaLicious’ new line, which focuses on all-natural products. The ingredients on the back of the body oil (Sugar Reef) consists of five type of natural oils. That’s it. The downside to a lot of natural products is they sacrifice some of the experience. I was happy to see that with LaLicious, that wasn’t the case. The body scrub I used (Tahitian Flower from their Sugar Soufflé line) felt like I should be hopping out of the shower into a velvet robe and lounging in front of my fireplace with french wine every time I used it. Luxury. It’s a whipped scrub, so it’s texture was surprisingly soft and delicate- exactly what you’d expect when you hear “whipped”. The smell of the scrub was perhaps the most amazing part of the experience. The label on the back jokingly warns not to eat the product, but with how this scrub smells that may actually be a danger… Downsides: the oils in the scrub did leave my skin feeling a little oily, so I had to use it before my soap and then take extra care to rinse it off afterwards. The body oil took a little long to dry, so when I was running late in the mornings I had to skip it. Upsides: An incredibly luxurious experience that (at least for the scrub) I could fit into my everyday routine. And that didn’t make my extremely sensitive and tempestuous skin break out. That’s a biggie. In the end, it left me smelling so good I sneakily sniffed myself all day, and my skin really did feel much smoother after just a few days’ use!
DETANGLER: TangleTeezer Brush
Price: $13 – $20
Where to by it: Amazon, BeautyBay.com, ASOS, and other online retailers.

I’m not going to lie – when I first took this brush out of its box I was a little freaked out – its unique shape resembles some sort of terrifying centipede-like bug. However, when it comes to detangling, this product is a game-changer. My hair is relatively thin and it gets greasy easily so I can’t use many leave-in conditioners and serums to detangle it after a shower. Also, I’ve gotten ombre bleaching a couple times so it’s prone to breakage. Therefore, TangleTeezer, with its dense, flexible bristles that remove knots with just a few tries, is now a go-to product for me. After I get out of the shower and towel-dry my hair, I run the TangleTeezer through it a few times and my hair becomes completely knot-free. The brush doesn’t tug on my hair or hurt my scalp, and compared to the brush I normally use, it doesn’t pull my hair out. Overall, the TangleTeezer is a pretty cool product that detangles your hair without destroying or grease-ifying it!  

Price: $32 at amazon.com
Where to buy it: Amazon.com and select stores and salons.
Bangstyle’s Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner has a subtle, yet addictive scent and a thick creamy texture. The shampoo was thick and left my scalp feeling clean and no product residue in my hair. The conditioner made my hair very easy to comb or brush out and super soft. Both products kept my hair feeling soft and easy to manage whether I wanted to let it air dry, blow dry, or flip it up in a ponytail. As an added bonus, the products left my tresses smelling lovely for the entire day after I used it! 
MOUSSE: Bangstyle Volumizing Mousse
Price: $18.50 – $19.99
Where to buy it: Amazon and other select store retailers.
Bangstyle’s Volumizing Mousse has a sweet scent, not at all reminiscent of chemical-scented hairspray. The mousse provided hold on curls, waves, and blow-dried straight hair, without flattening it by weighing it down. It diminishes throughout the day, and will need to be reapplied if you are looking for a holding product, however the enhanced volume of hair lasted all day long.
Photos courtesy of: Bangstlye.com, Lalicious.com, and omvogue.com
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