A Balenciaga T-Shirt Shirt, But Make It $1,290

Balenciaga's claim to fame is truly their very inventive fashion pieces. The luxury style brand has earned a colorful reputation for its seemingly ugly and strange fashion items, like the Triple S line of humongous, bulky sneakers with tones of rubber attachments. Since then, people have been watching for more strange releases from the brand, and now there's finally a new addition to their repertoire: the "T-shirt shirt"

Welp. Balenciaga released the shirt for pre-order last week on their website, stunning many with the confusing design. The "first shirt" is a bright blue T-shirt, but it's decorated with a second checkered-blue collared shirt sewn on at the shoulders. Whether it's option one or two, netizens are befuddled by both, specifically as to what exactly makes this garment so special to have a price tag as high as $1,290?

Some Twitter users are taking a stab at recreating the T-shirt t-shirt by taping another shirt to their own and calling it high-fashion replica. One man even put up a one minute tutorial on how to tie your hoodie to your neck to mimic the shirt's style. We don't expect Balenciaga to stop releasing questionable pieces in the future, but let's see who wears this one and if it suddenly (somehow) becomes cool.