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Ashley Graham & Lizzo Are Living Their Best Lives in This Swimsuits for All Music Video

A video clip released yesterday warmed our winter week and had us begging for summer again. The swimwear site, Swimsuits for All, does exactly what its name implies by selling rockin swimsuits for all body types at all price ranges, and they released an ad for their new line, which was part music video/part models living their best lives in bikinis. The video featured Lizzo’s hit song “Good as Hell” as well as Ashley Graham debuting her jet ski skills. Check it out below!

The group of models include Stefania Ferrario, Rachel Peru, Elaine Irwin and Lori Harvey all dancing alongside Ashley and Lizzo. As if we already weren’t begging for summer to come faster, the Bahamas resort setting gave us serious vacay-envy.

The Swimsuits for All 2018 resort collection is on sale and presale now, and at amazing prices. If you’re already planning your beach time, this collection is for you. Check out some of our favorite pieces below.

Beach Babe Ravello Bikini ($72)

Vegas Keyhole Swimsuit ($84)

Diva Renoir Folded Bikini ($72)

We’ve still got a long winter season to make it through before sunshine hits, but who knew that grinding on a jet ski with Ashley Graham would be our new spring break goals?