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Armpit Tattoos Are Officially The New Coolest Tattoo Trend

Tattoos are a great way to express and individualize yourself, but if your parents were anything like mine, they told you not to get any tattoos that can’t be covered up with clothing. Tattoo lovers have found the perfect happy-medium for that rule by starting an armpit tattoo trend. Yes, you read that correctly, armpit tattoos are a thing now. These new tattoos has been all over social media, enticing some to hop on the bandwagon.


Armpit flower round two! Thanks @faymakestattoos hope you enjoy having the prettiest pits in the land

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The armpit tattoos range from beautiful flowers to geometric patterns, each one more eye catching then the next.


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While some may think getting a tattoo in a spot with such thin skin definetly has to hurt, however, tattoo artist, Tessia Elisse, says otherwise. When interviewed by Today, the tattoo artist stated, “Females shave their armpits more often, so we’re gradually getting desensitized. It’s more tender for guys because they don’t shave there as often.”

If an armpit tattoo has been something you’ve been thinking about getting lately, don’t let the pain scare you away! They’re a perfect way to stand apart from the crowd, and a great conversation starter.

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