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Amber Rose Is Releasing an Ombré Lip Kit & It’s Gorgeous

Why get Kylie’s Lip Kits when you can get Amber Rose’s for $5 less?

The rapper and model launched four shades of Lip Kits with Flirt Cosmetics and they’re actually so different from Kylie Cosmetics’ in that they are ombré. As in, the lip liner is a slightly darker shade than the gloss. So you sculpt with matte, creamy liner and then blend in the shiny gloss for a more dimensional look.

Though the ombré effect isn’t super noticeable in these photos, the idea of creating more shading and gradient sounds like it would make lips look fuller. Strangely, the lip liner isn’t a pencil but a cone-shaped lipstick called a Lip Kajal, which twists up. And apparently the gloss is also different–it’s not sticky but actually moisturizing, unlike Kylie’s matte liquid lipstick. Honestly it keeps sounding better and better.

You can choose between a nude, a pink, a purple and a red for $24 per kit. Following in Kylie’s footsteps, Amber Rose gave her Lip Kits spunky names: “No Shame,” “Neo-Femme,” “Meme Lover” and “Slay All Day.” Not sure what a meme lover shade is, but I’m down to try it.

On top of her new entrepreneurship, Amber Rose has been in the news in the past few months for standing up against slut-shaming and body-shaming, for being totally supportive of Hiddleswift (#throwback) and for appearing in Kanye West’s music video. Sounds like ya girl has a lot going on rn.

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