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10 Amazon Dupes For Lululemon That’ll Seriously Save Your Wallet

Listen, I totally understand the obsession with Lululemon. The brand’s clothing is known for its amazing fit, high-quality fabrics, and a creative range of styles and designs. Whether you’re looking for a sporty zip-up for your next pilates session or a new pair of leggings to wear on campus, Lululemon has the perfect athleisure options for your closet. But as loved as the brand is, the price is hard to justify when you’re a college student on a budget. Lucky for us Lulu lovers, Gen Z will find a good dupe for just about anything. 

If you’re looking for something timeless with the perfect balance of stylish and sporty, then these 10 Lululemon dupes are perfect for you. And thanks to plenty of Lululemon subreddits and thousands of #lululemondupe posts on Tiktok, I’ve curated the 10 best Lululemon dupes out there. The best part? The pieces are basically a fraction of the original prices.

CRZ YOGA Butterluxe Leggings

Love the Lululemon Align Leggings ($118)? Try the CRZ YOGA Women’s Butterluxe Crosswaist Leggings ($32). The material is so comfortable and buttery soft, you won’t feel the difference between the two pairs. They also come in 14 different colors.

THE GYM PEOPLE Longline Sports Bra

“I’ve looked a lot for different tanks that actually resemble the Lululemon Align Tank ($68), and this is the best I’ve found. Not only is the material so soft, but it comes in so many different colors,” says TikToker and former Lululemon employee Ariana Vitale. A bonus? This piece is perfect for gals of all cup sizes, and sits at a price of $23!

CRZ YOGA Women’s Butterluxe Biker Shorts

Lululemon’s Align edit is one of their most popular collections, and for good reason. They use buttery-soft fabric that’s breathable and smooth — just like the Butterluxe collection on Amazon! Try the CRZ YOGA Butterluxe Biker Shorts ($28) as a dupe for the Align High-Rise Shorts ($68).

Trendy Queen Women’s Half Zip

Not only is the material of this dupe ($46) the same, but they even nailed the same exact pattern and zipper of Lululemon’s Scuba Oversized Half-Zip Hoodie ($118).

CRZ YOGA Butterluxe Womens Hooded Workout Jacket

A dupe for Lululemon’s Hooded Define Jacket ($128), the CRZ YOGA Butterluxe Womens Hooded Workout Jacket ($48) is super affordable and comes in six different trendy colors.

Kamo Fitness Ellyn High Waisted Yoga Shorts

“I love these shorts. They’re super similar to my align shorts,” writes one Amazon reviewer. If you’re looking for the perfect dupe for Lululemon’s Diamond Dye Align Shorts ($64), the Kamo Fitness Ellyn High Waisted Yoga Shorts ($24) are the perfect pair!

MathCat Seamless Workout Shirt

If you’d rather not pay $78 for the Swiftly Tech Longsleeve Shirt from Lululemon, try the MathCat Seamless Workout Shirt ($25) from Amazon. It’s lightweight and breathable, and has all the same features of the original.

ODODOS Unisex Belt Bag

The ODODOS Unisex Belt Bag ($19) looks virtually the same as the Lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag ($48), but at a much better price. There are plenty of colors to choose from for this adorable piece.

GYM RAINBOW Womens High Waisted Athletic Shorts

While you’re wishing for warmer days, go ahead and add the GYM RAINBOW Women’s High Waisted Athletic Shorts ($20) to your cart. They’re the perfect dupe for the popular Lululemon Speed Up Low-Rise Shorts ($68).

CRZ YOGA Womens Butterluxe Y Back Sports Bra

The CRZ YOGA Womens Butterluxe Y Back Sports Bra ($28) is the perfect dupe for Lululemon’s Flow Y Nulu Bra ($48). It features thin spaghetti straps and Y-shaped back, and is the perfect piece to wear for your next yoga sesh.

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