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When I’m Breaking Out, I Smear this $19 Green Mask All Over My Face

In 2019, the conversation around skincare has become more complicated. Is it self care? Is it capitalism? Is it all an elaborate, expensive lie, or is it 100% essential to our self-love and confidence? Each week in Face Mask & Chill, I keep it simple by diving into one product that I just really, truly enjoy, whether because it helps me feel ~more zen~ or because it just, like, works.

So come hang out with me, and find me on Instagram to share your fave skincare essentials—and the ones so weird that you don’t want to try them yourself. I’ll do the research because i just like you that much.

This week on Face Mask & Chill: The Cocokind Chlorophyll Mask.

If you consider yourself a skincare person, you know that chlorophyll beauty products are kind of a big deal right now, and for good reason. So I decided to try one out for myself.

I learned about Cocokind on Instagram, as one does in the time of IG owning our entire lives. I was sucked in because their founder, Priscilla Tsai, constantly does different Instagram Stories led by either herself or members of their team where they try out their own products. This sort of thing always gets to me.

After all, I like fancy packaging and a good message as much as the next person, but what I really, really like is when someone makes something that they like enough to use. It’s like when your apartment manager also lives in the apartment. An extra seal of approval.

It’s a $19 mask, but what’s cool about Cocokind is that they’re amazing with samples. I’ve received a code for a free one from signing up for their newsletter, they do different deals around the holidays and they have a really cute sample set so that for $14, you can try out almost all of their products, including the mask. Pro tip: this is amazing if you travel a lot, or just want to be able to bring your products to your BFF’s house. 

So let’s talk about the mask itself.



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It comes in dry form, meaning you don’t just scoop it out and apply to your face like you might be used to. Instead, I have a tiny dish that I use for dry masks like this one. That’s where the customization comes in, which is one of my favorite things about this mask. You can mix the mask with water, or with a face oil, and figure out the texture that works best for your skin and what it actually needs.

I’m a rose water obsessive, so 99% of the time, I mix my mask with rose water – probably about 30% rose water, 70% mask. When my skin is on the drier side, I’ll add in a face oil. I really like Cocokind’s Chia Oil for this because they’re just so meant to be together (no, Cocokind didn’t tell me to say this, I just actually like this brand a lot!), and I’ve also enjoyed mixing it with a good squalane oil (I like Indie Lee) or the Bliss Hydration Salvation Facial Oil. 

Cocokind recommends that you use this in varying thickness depending on the level of your breakouts. If you’re having more breakouts, you want to use a thicker layer. You’ll know it’s a thicker layer because it’ll be more of a dark green color. If you just need a lighter mask that’s not so intense, then you’ll do a lighter layer. Super simple. 

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As always, good luck with your skincare routine, and continue working to find the balance of new, exciting products, and old but reliable ones. I find that my skin is happiest when I’m striking the right balance, but it’s always a work in progress. If you try this mask, let me know what you think.

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