This Accessory Aims to Help Prevent Campus Sexual Assault

Sexual assault continues to be a huge issue among college campuses. In fact, an AAU Survey found that 1 in 4 women (and 12% of the overall college student population) will be victims of unwanted sexual contact during their undergraduate years. This survey included reponses from over 150,000 respondents, spanning across 27 universities. While the responsibility lies on the perpetrators to simply not sexually assault anybody, it's also important to stay aware and have the tools you need to avoid such a situation. This is where ONEE comes into play. 

ONEE is a startup brand developed by Alison Lyness and Michele Cho during their first year at Harvard Business School, with Head of Technology Aaron Whittemore and fellow classmates George Hart and Ryan Orley. When they saw just how prevalent of an issue sexual assault in college still is, they were determined to put their respective skills and experiences together to create a fresh, modern solution. 

The company has created a line of friendship bracelets that are stylish and serve a purpose. In just three simple steps, these Bluetooth-enabled bracelets can reinforce the buddy system across campuses everywhere.

ONEE: The Buddy System, Reinvented from ONEE on Vimeo.

In order to use the bracelet, you'll have to download an app, which enables you to sync your bracelet with any of your friends who are also wearing one. If at some point during a party you lose track of your friends, you can check in with them using a simple tap language. One tap on the bracelet signals your friend to respond back once if she's not in any danger, while two taps results in a vibration that indicates she needs help. 

And just in case you can't seem to find your friend, the app is also equipped with a locator. Basically, this is a fool-proof buddy system where no girl gets left behind—and we love it.  

Shipping for ONEE's smart jewelry doesn't begin until next spring, but you might want to preorder a bracelet before they're all gone!