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Living on a college budget forces us collegiettes to get a little creative sometimes. We don’t always have the expenses to go out and buy a new shirt when we spill red wine on a top or get new tights when one gets a run, so we’re always looking for creative, new ways to solve our fashion problems. Luckily, HC is here to let you in on some of the easiest fashion hacks that will fix your everyday style problems and save you money.

1. Get Rid of Deodorant Stains by Rubbing the Area With the Same Fabric

Deodorant stains are a girl’s worst nightmare. Finding someone else’s deodorant marks on a shirt you see at the mall can be the kiss of death for that purchase if it’s the only one left in your size. Having them on your own clothes can be embarrassing and just plain annoying.

Luckily, the solution is so easy you’ll be amazed you never knew it before. Sally McGraw, the blogger behind style blog Already Pretty, says to “gently rub the stained area with a bit of cloth from the same garment. This will remove the mark.” No cleaning products, no special tools and no fuss necessary to fix this everyday problem! By simply rubbing it with the same texture fabric, it dislodges the deodorant and lifts the stains off of the shirt.

2. Keep the Shape of Your Tall Boots by Stuffing Them With Magazines

Tall boots are essentials for every collegiette’s wardrobe, so there comes a time after a lot of use when the shaft of the boot loses its shape. Having a slouching boot can both damage the overall look of your outfit and make it difficult to store your shoes.

The solution? “Roll up old magazines and slide them into the boots to keep them upright,” McGraw says. Stuffing the boots with magazines or newspapers has the same effect as you wearing them and will prevent them from crumpling around the ankles of the boots.

3. Put Clear Nail Polish on Runs in Your Tights

We’ve all been there: that moment of panic when you’re about to go out and you realize there’s a small run in your tights. Even tiny runs have the potential for disaster if they continue to split because it could result in leaving less to the imagination than you’d like. A large run in a pair of tights can make an outfit look immediately trashy and unprofessional.

If you see a run starting to form, don’t freak out! Dabbing some clear nail polish over it will prevent it from stretching into a rip. It essentially works as glue, solidifying the surrounding area and keeping the material from stretching even more.

4. Get Rid of Static Cling by Rubbing Dryer Sheets on Your Clothes

Wearing a dress, skirt or shirt that is prone to static cling can leave it clinging to all the wrong places. If you don’t own any static-cling-removing spray, the next best thing is to use a dryer sheet. Before you go out, rub a dryer sheet on the inside of the clothing to prevent any embarrassing clinging.

5. Get Rid of Linty Clothes With Damp Hands or Tape

Whether you have a pet that sheds or you live in a dusty dorm room, every collegiette has encountered a time when she needs to de-lint her clothing. Here’s what to do if you’re caught without a lint roller.

An easy fix for this problem is to “wet your hand with a bit of water and run [it] over your garments,” McGraw says. “It won’t work as well as a lint roller, but can remove some of the more obvious stuff.” Your hands should only be slightly damp because you don’t want soggy clothing, but having that little bit of moisture causes the lint to stick to your hands.

To get any remaining pieces, finish the job by dabbing a piece of tape over the problem area. The lint will stick to the tape like a lint roller.

6. Make Your Shoes Smell Better by Putting Them in the Freezer

Most college campuses require a lot of time on your feet, be it walking to class, working out or dancing at a party. All that time spent with your feet crammed in shoes can make the shoes start to stink, which is more than a little embarrassing.

To deal with this problem, McGraw says to “put [your shoes] in a sealed zipper bag in the freezer for a few days. This kills many common bacteria that live in shoes and cause them to smell.” Because they’re in a sealed bag, they won’t stink up your freezer.

If you don’t have access to a freezer, try stuffing the shoes with fabric softener sheets or dryer sheets. These sheets will add a good perfume to the shoes and absorb any moisture, which can cause smelly shoes.

7. Avoid Blisters From New Flats by Blow-drying Them First

Buying a new pair of flats is both exciting and terrifying. On one hand, you have a fashionable new addition to your shoe collection, but on the other hand, you know days of discomfort are soon to follow as you try to break in the new shoes.

To avoid blisters, wear thick socks and put on your flats. Grab a blow dryer and aim it at the tight areas of your shoes for a couple minutes. While they cool down, make sure to keep your socks and flats on. Try the shoes on once they’re cool, and if they’re still not loose enough, repeat the process again.

8. Avoid Tangled Jewelry by Threading Necklaces Through Straws

When you’re in a rush to get ready in the morning and need that one accessory to pull together your look, you definitely don’t have time to untangle a wad of necklaces. Throwing them in a drawer is a recipe for a colossal knot of jewelry and late arrival to class.

However, this won’t be the case if you thread your necklaces through straws. Put one half of the chain through the straw and fasten the clasp once it comes out the other end. It may look a little funny, but it’s guaranteed to leave your jewelry drawer knot-free.

9. Use White Wine to Get Rid of Red Wine Stains

Wine nights with the girls are a great way to let loose and relax—until someone spills red wine on your shirt, your couch, your rug or anything else in the vicinity. Red wine stains can cause immediate panic, but there is a go-to trick to try before you throw away your favorite shirt. Pour white wine on the red wine and dab the area with a cloth to lift off the stain. Doing so neutralizes the red color. Be careful not to rub it, because that will force the red wine into the clothing.

These unconventional fashion hacks are a surefire way to avoid fashion faux pas. They’re easy and can be done with everyday objects, so you no longer have to wear your wallet thin to replace something that can be fixed with one of these hacks. Which fashion hacks do you plan to try out, collegiettes?

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