8 Timeless Outfits That Will Always Look Good

There's nothing worse than standing in front of a packed closet and whining that you have “nothing to wear.” Panic sets in as you try on and discard six outfits, while the clock is ticking and your roommate reminds you how late you're running. Take a breath: if you have ten classic pieces, we have eight timeless outfits for you that will always look good. When your wardrobe is stocked with classics, you'll never need to worry about what to wear.

Ten Classics You Need To Own

Top row: 
Dress, $80, Nordstrom.
Pencil skirt, $98, J. Crew.
Tee, $11, H&M.
Blazer, $70, Nordstrom.
Jeans, $70, Gap.

Bottom row:
Black pants, $35, Mango.
Trench coat, $50, Target.
Cardigan, $85, J. Crew.
Blouse, $40, ModCloth.
Body-con skirt, $5, H&M.

If nothing else, your wardrobe should include:

  1. A fitted white tee
  2. A button-down cardigan in a flattering color
  3. A long-sleeved blouse
  4. A basic black blazer
  5. Jeans that make you feel like a million bucks
  6. Black pants (not denim)
  7. A black mini-skirt
  8. A pencil skirt
  9. A versatile dress that highlights your shape
  10. A khaki trench coat

On their own, these classic pieces exude an effortless vibe. But head-to-toe classics sometimes need a little boost from accessories. This is where your personal style comes in. Are you a red lipstick and leopard print kind of gal? Glam it up. Are combat boots and a worn-in parka more your style? Go right ahead. Below, we remixed these ten classic pieces into eight fail-safe outfits by mixing and matching accessories. Change up our add-ons to make these outfits feel uniquely yours.


Jeans + tee + trench coat

Scarf, Michael Kors, $65.
Boots, Steve Madden, $99.99.

Jeans and a tee don't have to be boring! The leopard print scarf, lace-up boots, and trench coat add instant personality with hardly any effort. On mornings when you're running late, this can be your go-to style. Could getting dressed be any easier?

Dress + cardigan

Earrings, $9, Miss Selfridge.
Backpack, $49, Chic Wish.
Belt, $17, Dorothy Perkins.
Loafers, Urban Outfitters, $59.

A fit-and-flare dress like this one is almost universally figure-flattering and versatile enough for nearly every occasion. For class, add a cozy cardigan. To tone down the schoolgirl vibes, we added studded accessories and a sassy pair of earrings (one says “KISS,” the other says “ME”) to entice the boys.

Cardigan + mini skirt

Beret, $8.50, Wet Seal.
Tights, $18, Hue.
Nail polish, $8, Essie.
Boots, $79.95, American Eagle.

Put your body-con skirt on double duty: with a prim sweater (your basic cardigan buttoned up) and riding boots, it works for frat parties and for class. Punch up your basics with a few accessories – we chose a pair of floral lace tights, a slouchy beret, and a shocking citrus nail polish to keep things fresh.