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8 Genius Storage Hacks for Your Growing Beauty Stash

With the dozens of lotions and potions we accumulate, it’s safe to say we collegiettes can be a tad addicted to expanding our ever-growing beauty collections. Seriously, we’re all probably one lipstick and two moisturizers away from opening our own Sephora! From makeup to skincare to fragrance, there’s plenty of products taking up our precious—and devastatingly limited—counter space.

But if it’s practically revenge of the beauty stash with the amount of clutter you have accumulating, it’s probably time to reclaim your countertops and drawers and whip things in shape! Luckily, there are so many cute, genius and inexpensive solutions to organizing and storing beauty products that any organizational journey will be well-rewarded. So when the clutter is just too much to bear and the urge to DIY is too strong to fight, these eight beauty organization hacks will save the day!

1. Use a wine rack for more than just wine

This hack may have you itching to purchase more wine, but you’ll have to hold off! Who says we can’t store a bottle of Pinot and a bottle of shampoo using the same rack? A unit like the Houdini Deluxe Folding Wine Rack ($12.99 at Target) is a budget- and dorm-friendly solution for storing your bottles of shampoo, hairspray, lotions and more. This unit collapses, making it easy to hide and tuck away in your room when you want to give your rack a break. And it doesn’t stop there! No need to fret if you need to hold more than the four bottles this rack will allow. Clip multiple Houdini racks together to hold as many products as your heart desires!

2. Re-purpose a hanging shoe rack for makeup storage­

Just as hanging shoe racks save you space by getting your heels off of your closet floor, they can get your dozens of products off of your counters. The Closetware Over-the-Door 24-Pocket Shoe Organizer ($9.99 at Bed Bath & Beyond) will not only add a pop of color to your bathroom, but will make it easy to locate your makeup thanks to its clear pockets. These large pouches will even fit bottles of hair and skincare products too!

3. Get a magnetic board and magnetize your makeup

There’s no denying the love connection between you and your makeup stash! Let the attraction get even more magnetic by DIYing a magnet makeup board. You’ve seen this storage hack many times before, so it’s about time you try it yourself! This project can be as simple or extravagant as you wish. Add an edgy frame to your magnet board to hang onto your bathroom wall for a chic touch, and consider adding magnets to small buckets to hold your makeup brushes on your board too. Make it small to hold the daily essentials or large to fit your entire stash—the possibilities are endless. Now, get to DIYing!

4. Use a cookie jar for your nail candy

The kitchen doesn’t have to be the only room that gets in on some sweet action. Store your nail polish collection (we know every collegiette has one!) in your bathroom using a cookie jar. A large, glass jar like the Anchor Hocking 1-Gallon Cookie Jar ($9.99 at Bed Bath & Beyond) will allow you to put a large, colorful collection on display for all to admire. It may not be cookies hiding in there, but your sweet tooth will be dying to try on some nail candy every time you pass this jar!

5. Turn mini loaf pans into organizers

There probably won’t be much baking going on when you’re lining the insides of your drawers with mini loaf pans. Instead, use these babies ($4.49 at Target) for the ultimate makeup storage solution. Organizing your lipsticks, mascaras and small makeup products has never been easier!

6. Transform glassware into a makeup stand

If this hack doesn’t scream class then we don’t know what does! Combine plates and a candlestick for a DIY makeup stand. Whether you want to store your makeup or lotions and perfumes, this stand is the perfect, elegant solution! Prepare to amaze your friends and family with your savvy and chic DIY skills.

7. Heat up your beauty storage with a spice rack

Wouldn’t it shed a couple of minutes off of your morning routine if you could quickly locate your favorite moisturizer without digging through a pile of creams and sprays? Use a tiered, revolving spice rack ($29.95 at Williams-Sonoma) to get your routine down to a science! It’ll keep your beauty essentials neatly in their place while bringing a little life to your morning routine when you start seeing how fast you can spin it without knocking anything off (we know you’ll be guilty of doing this at least twice!).

8. Hanging organizers just got even cuter

When you’re ready to step up to the DIY big leagues, try this project on for size! With a few cutlery caddies and a clothesline, you can have an adorable hanging organizer for the beauty supplies you love most. It’s perfect for your shampoos and conditioners, makeup brushes and even your hot hair tools. If your candlestick makeup stand didn’t wow the crowd, this hanging system certainly will!

With amazing storage solutions like these, there’s no reason why we should ever have a “clean up on aisle three” moment on our bathroom counters ever again! Our coveted beauty stashes will forever be kept in order—and with these hacks, we mean that in the most adorable, clutter-free way possible!

Summer is a Boston University graduate ('15) that received a BS in Journalism with a concentration in magazine journalism. Her interests include editorial design and lifestyle, fashion, and beauty content, as she aspires to be a fashion magazine writer and editor. She is currently a fashion and beauty writer for Bustle.com and previously served as a Campus Correspondent for Her Campus Boston University. Summer likes to think of herself as a lipstick enthusiast and smoothie connoisseur, so when she isn't writing for Bustle, you could probably find her sipping on a strawberry-banana smoothie and planning her next purchases at Sephora. Follow Summer on Twitter @SummerArlexis