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7 Tapestries You Need to Elevate Your Space, & How to Style Them

The difficult decision of what to decorate your walls with will always be of the utmost importance. After all, what you surround yourself with is usually a reflection of your own personality, and can easily affect your mood. It’s an especially important process if you’re a renter or living in a dorm — can you put nails and anchors in the wall to mount a giant art print or a set of shelves? Are you allowed to put up wallpaper or change the color of the paint? Or are you limited to pictures stuck up with putty over wrapping paper you taped up in the hopes it could look like that wallpaper you saw on Pinterest?

Well, renters and owners alike can really amp up their space with the right tapestry  — they’re lightweight, come in a variety of sizes, can have just about anything printed on them, and can be customized with any decorative accessories you like. Below are seven of my favorite ways to style them!

Framed in lights

Welcome to the shitshow, indeed. Is it your bedroom? Your office space? Life? Maybe it’s all of the above, but at least you can admit to it. With just a single strand of fairy lights outlining a tapestry, you can turn it into the greatest (shit)show. 

The Welcome to the Shitshow Tapestry is currently available at The Tapestry Girls for $27 and white, black or green string lights are available at Target for $7. 

Framed in florals

As someone who used to LOVE working from home, I can’t wait for the day to come when I head back into the office. The blank white walls of my bedroom and the absence of the physical presence of my favorite team members are especially upsetting when I didn’t actively make the choice to stay home. So, until then, at least I can look up at this positive, summery piece wrapped in bright florals to boost my mood.

These rose vines come in a six pack for $13 on Amazon. The Good Vibes Only Tapestry is currently sold out at Home Depot, but you can check out their other options here, including this pretty pink peony one!

Let the lights fall

With a curtain of fairy lights overlaying a wordless background, like this Orange Mandala Tapestry from Tapestry Girls (currently on sale for $20) you can create a whimiscal accent piece wherever you need it. Like, maybe in your favorite reading corner?

Pull the curtain back

For tapestries with a prominent centerpiece, like the Stay Awhile Palm Leaf Tapestry, available at Dormify for $45, pulling the curtained lights off to the side and binding them together at the edge creates a dreamy sort of reveal, enticing you to stay as long as you can.

Set the backdrop for your best memories

My decor aesthetic tends to fall somewhere along the line of chaos, so this polka Dotted Tapestry, available at Dormify for $45, was the perfect backdrop for a memory collage. A small piece of tape easily stuck photos and ticket stubs to the fabric, and a string of clothes pins lined the most prominant ones along the top.

Color it up

Alternating colored globe lights over a black and white tapestry? Hell yeah, the accent of my dreams. These particular lights from Better Homes & Garden aren’t available anymore, but an outline of colored fairy lights ($16 at Target) or a top draped in ombre globe lights (in pink or blue, $6 at Target) would do the trick! The Kiss of Death Tapestry is currently available at Tapestry Girls for $22.

Create an accent wall

This gorgeous White Palm Tapestry from Dormify, which is currently on sale for $34, was way larger than I anticipated, but it was the near perfect width of the wall behind the TV in my living room. No dress-up required for this one – it does the talking all on its own!

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