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7 Ways to Rock Faux Fur & Look Just the Right Amount of Extra

As winter gets closer, and for some is already here, our cold weather wardrobe is taking over our closets again. One winter piece that will last you all season and is super trendy is the faux fur coat. For some, this coat is daunting because it can look so extravagant and over-the-top. It doesn’t have to be though! Here are some tips for wearing faux fur any day.

1. Play with textures

Try out different faux fur textures! Some are thicker than others, some have more of a shaggy look and some have a soft, low-key look. Picking one that is more soft-looking can create a more casual look. The Ultra Comfy Faux Fur Coat from Chic Wish is the definition of cute and cozy!

2. Try different shapes and silhouettes

The shape and silhouette of a faux fur coat can change everything! A silhouette that casually falls around your body and doesn’t look too rigid is a great everyday jacket. This one from Missguided is seriously cute with the long body silhouette. 

A cropped fur coat is a really cute shape for everybody especially with a pair of high-waisted jeans. Throw on your backpack and you’re ready for class. Blank Denim Cropped Faux Fur Jacket is a prime cropped faux fur coat!

3. Pick the right color

Faux fur coats are coming in every color this year, but the best colors are the ones that are more on the muted side. Colors like black, brown, maroon, dark blue and natural fur colors are perfect for owning the fur look without making a super loud statement. Check out this maroon one from ASOS.

4. Pair with basics

These coats look amazing with basic pieces. They pair perfectly with black jeans, mom jeans, leggings, and if you want to be a little edgy, leather pants. Tone it down even more with a pair of sneakers giving the look a street style vibe or dress it up a little with some booties. Throw on a simple graphic tee or solid color tee underneath the coat and your look is complete! 

5. Wear with neutrals

Another great way to make faux fur look casual is to wear it with muted colors. White, black, beige, grey and many other solid, neutral colors look amazing with faux fur. Use the neutral colors in the outfit to compliment the color of the jacket. This look is so cute and can be worn to class, work, an internship and definitely brunch. Try matching the color of the fur to the color of your shoes for a head-to-toe, put-together look.

6. Fur hints

A really fun way to work fur into an outfit is with small accents! Things like hats, shoes and even ear muffs add a cute fur touch to finish off an outfit. Check out some of the items we’ve rounded up with hints of fur.

These earmuffs from H&M come in pink and black too!

Also from H&M, this hat is what our childhood dreams are made of.

Shoes are so much fun to add fur to and these ones from Guess come in all black too!

7. Accessorize with fur

Don’t want fur to dominate your look but want to still get the look? Utilize accessories! From bags to scarves to wraps, fur can be added anywhere. 

Bags are the perfect place to add fur. Everyone will see it but it isn’t the center of the outfit. This option from Forever 21 will go with any outfit!

Express has this fur scarf available that’s perfect with any outfit.

Follow these guidelines for casually wearing your faux fur and your friends will be asking you for fashion advice all season!

Marisa Pieper is a student at Arizona State University studying Communication, Fashion, and Marketing (digital & traditional). She loves to discuss the latest style and beauty trends while also reporting on things that are important to her!