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7 Pairs of Shoes You Need In Your Wardrobe

There are shoes for every occasion, and occasions for every shoe! But learning how to mix and match these isn’t easy, and we generally don’t make it easier for ourselves by having endless pairs of statement shoes. Just like it’s possible to have a small wardrobe where you can mix and match select pieces, it’s also possible to have the same for your shoes. So, if you follow the rules of the capsule wardrobe and have just seven types of shoes, then you’ll be covered for every occasion you can think of!

1.      The Basic Loafer

Every girl needs those shoes that you can just throw on while you’re running out the door. These are best bought in a plain color with a small embellishment – but nothing too daring, as you want these to go with everything in your wardrobe.

These black loafers from H&M are great and are a reasonable $29.95, which makes them even more irresistible.

2.      The Sensible Heel

For going to work or to an event where you know you’ll need to stand for long periods of time, it’s much better to have a sensible (but not boring!) pair of heels that you know you can last in.

These H&M suede pumps fit the bill perfectly and come in a range of colors for you to choose from. They aren’t too high and they are simple, and great for a collegiette budget at $34.95. 

3.      The Summer Wedge

Wedges are a girl’s best friend in summer as they give you a little height and are so easy to walk in. Go for something in a basic color, such as nude or white, and they’ll match everything in your summer wardrobe.

These Ralph Lauren wedges on Zappos ($69) are perfect: simple coloring with a basket wedge and just the right height to be able to wear them all day. And they have free shipping; what more could you ask for? 

4.      The Winter Boot

Whether you choose to go for classic brown or black leather boots or would rather try and brave some in suede (avoid suede if you live somewhere prone to snow!), these are a must for anyone’s wardrobe.  You’ll soon find that these become glued to your feet during the winter months, so it’s important to invest in a quality pair.

Massimo Dutti have made these incredible riding boots, which are on our winter lust list already; they are gorgeous! Although they are a pricey $328, they should last for years and will be worth the investment. 

5.      The Daring Heel

This is the pair you’ll pull out when you know that you want to look absolutely gorgeous and that a sensible heel just won’t do it for you. Go for something that’s a little bit more out there; imagine yourself wearing them with a plain dress so that your shoes are the focus of your outfit.

Our current favorite pair is these great platform blue heels from Zara. Paired with a cream or white dress, this will make a great outfit! They’re also on sale for $29.99 so be sure to snap these up quickly if you like them. 

6.      The Summer Sandal

These shoes are so comfy and go with almost anything you could possibly want to wear. Even if you choose embellished or slightly heeled sandals, you’re unlikely to find outfits that wouldn’t go with this style of shoe.they don’t match.

These cute sandals from J.Crew ($98) are adorable and come in fun colors! 

7.      The Cheap, Wear-Anywhere Shoe

Whether you choose to buy a really cheap pair of shoes or just save some of your less reputable shoes that you should have thrown out long ago, having a cheap go-to pair is essential! Going to parties and clubs can take their toll on your shoes, and no one wants to have their expensive shoes ruined by alcohol and night-out food.

If you don’t have any of these hanging around your wardrobe, then these ballet flats from H&M will suit you just fine at $12.95

Just seven pairs of shoes and you’ll be ready for every season. How simple!

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