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7 Outfits for Every Type of Night Out in College

With all the fun experiences and unforgettable memories you’ll make in college, there are also countless opportunities to show off all your favorite pieces in your closet. Each type of night out calls for a different dress code, and with these tips and outfit ideas, you’ll definitely find something great to wear out on any occasion! Whether it’s a house party, a frat party or just some friends coming together to hang in the dorms, we’ll help you find the perfect outfit for the occasion.

1. House party


Short sleeve shirt



Lapel jacket



Golf skirt





What’s not to love about a house party? You have friends, food and drink all in the comfort of a friend’s home! But what to wear? Keep it pretty casual. When it comes to house parties, it won’t hurt to complete your outfit with a pair of sneakers, since these parties tend to leave floors sticky and slippery. Don’t be afraid to experiment! Try new trends, like this origami skort, and make a statement with a bold lip.

2. Club


AllSaints clothing



Ankle strap pumps




ALDO blue earrings



Here’s your chance to take it up a notch and pull out all the glamorous stops. A foolproof way to look stunning at a club is to accessorize your favorite LBD. Wear some statement jewelry, like these blue earrings, or try out a new lipstick to accompany your LBD. Either way, it’ll be fun to dress it up a bit more than usual and go out with the girls!

3. Bar



Topshop top



Topshop jeans





Each night at a bar has a different dress code depending the type of bar night you choose. Don’t let this stress you out; take advantage of your options! If you’re looking for a casual night at the bar with friends, dress things down and skip the heels.



Dollhouse footwear



Acrylic purse



If you’re headed to a dance floor once the weekend hits, don’t be afraid to amp things up with extra accessories and your favorite heels. A flirty skirt like this will have you ready to take on the dance floor with your friends.

4. Frat party


Lucy Love lace fringe top






White jewelry


Frat parties are totally fun if you aren’t worrying about your favorite new top getting ruined by a spilled drink. Try styling a simple outfit with statement jewelry that won’t be damaged by the quintessential college frat party experiences. Pair your outfit with some cute wedges and you’ll be comfortable and ready to mingle all night. You’ll have your chance to dress up for theme parties, but for a traditional frat party, a more casual outfit will have you prepared for anything, like transitioning from hanging out in your guy friend’s room to hitting the dance floor.

5. Dorm party


Chiffon top



LA Made elastic waist pants




Lucky brand jewelry



This kind of casual get-together is all about comfort. Dorm parties are often crowded, so try a casual and comfortable outfit. Don’t worry about heels, cocktail dresses and the works; a pair of trendy booties like these will do the trick.

6. Date night



Topshop black jersey jumpsuit
$39 – topshop.com




ALDO evening clutch



Long chevron necklace



Maybe you just met a great campus cutie, or maybe you’re going out on a date with your longtime SO, but either way, his or her attention is on you, and you’re going to look great! A sweet floral kimono and strappy heels make for a great eye-catching combination.

7. Formal




Now that you’ve found a date, it’s time to find a great outfit to show off! Formals are a fun opportunity for you to break out a special-occasion dress and kick the jeans aside for the night. Unlike other college events, there’s no need to worry about ruining your favorite heels or dress, because this is a more elegant affair. You could even try an updo to spice up your look!

After a long week of classes, you deserve a night out. No matter where you end up going, you’re bound to look fabulous! 

Hello! My name is Vikki Burnett, and I am a graphic design intern at Her Campus. I am a graduate of the New England School of Art and Design at Suffolk University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in graphic design. Aside from designing for Her Campus, I enjoy horseback riding, painting, hiking, playing guitar, and performing in historical reenactments on horseback.