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7 LGBT Beauty Gurus to Follow in Celebration of Pride Month

If you’re somehow acquiescently oblivious about what the heck Pride Month is, it’s basically a conglomerate of diverse international events, parades and rallies that celebrate what is means to be a member of the LGBTQ+ community. Because there are a plethora of different celebrations in even more cities around the world, Pride Month allows members of the community to rally together and celebrate themselves and each other.

However, Pride Month isn’t just a queer holiday for us – it’s also a way for us to remember how far the LGBTQ+ movement has come and work to continue to advocate for rights. According to GLAAD, Pride Month takes place in June as a way to memorialize the Stonewall Rebellion back on June 28, 1969, which is considered the start of the LGBTQ+ rights movement.

Whether you want to have your own Met Gala moment and don a rainbow cape like Lena Waithe, or you just want to dye your hair the entire spectrum of the rainbow, it can be ~a process~ to plan your Pride Month looks. Luckily, we’re highlighting these exceptional beauty bloggers that will help give you some major Pride inspo, so you can enjoy your festivities like a glamour queen.

1. Alex Faction

If you want a painter-spin on Pride-related makeup, Alex Faction has you covered. Faction is a professional Makeup Artist and Special FX expert who will redefine your makeup goals during Pride 2018. While you might want to wear some traditional rainbow to this year’s Pride festivities, Faction’s tutorials shows that you can wear a watercolor-inspired makeup look.You can’t find a more adventurous combination than watercolor, makeup and Pride visibility.

2. Madeyewlook

Alexys Fleming, who goes by the pseudonym Madeyewlook on YouTube, is a skilled body painter, business owner and SFX artist. She’s known for her intricate makeup tutorials, and her Pride-inspired makeup looks are no different. If you’re getting a bit tired of the same rainbow cut-crease that you wear every year, Madeeyewlook’s full-face LGBTQ+ flag-inspired makeup look will allow you to level up your Pride makeup routine.

3. Alva Velasco

Alva Velasco is a skilled vlogger who has a ton of extremely thorough makeup tutorials, but we can’t help but gravitate toward her Pride-inspired tutorial. Whether you want to switch up your typical rainbow flag eyeshadow or you just want to use your makeup to celebrate your specific sexuality, Velasco’s Pride-themed tutorial is giving us major bisexuality pride flag vibes—and we love it.

4. DyeYoung

In Sarah’s aptly named YouTube channel, DyeYoung, she produces an array of hair dye tutorials, fashion overviews and lifestyle videos. If eyeshadow or makeup isn’t your thing (or you’re just afraid of sweating your makeup off, because it’s already 100 degrees in some cities), Sarah walks you through how to use your hair as a wearable bisexual flag. Granted, you can easily swap out any of the example hair chalk hues in her video to make your hair match your own unique definition of Pride.

5. Baby Glow

Baby Glow is a beauty vlogger who is well-versed in creating extremely vibrant makeup looks. If you need help making your rainbow eye look like it’s a real meteorological phenomenon, then watch Baby Glow’s unique spin on the classic rainbow Pride eyeshadow look.

Seeing as makeup is a way for every person to experiment with their identity and their version of beauty, Baby Glow’s Pride-inspired makeup tutorial shows that you don’t have to use the same color palette for both of your eyelids. So, use your lid space to create your own version of the LGBTQ+ flag, or switch it up and support the pansexuality flag on your left eye while your right eye supports all the colors of the rainbow.

6. onlinekyne

Kyne uses his YouTube presence, onlinekyne, to show his subscribers a plethora of beauty tutorials and drag queen tips. While Kyne has a surplus of wig styling videos and Halloween makeup tutorials, he also has several Pride-related makeup videos.

As Kyne shows you how to create a makeup look that’s literally dripping in LGBTQIA+ pride, Kyne also explains the significance behind the rainbow Pride flag and why it’s so important to be unabashedly you.

7. MsUndead Rainbow

If you identify as pansexual and you love an eloquent winged-eyeliner look, then MsUndead Rainbow’s pansexual pride makeup tutorial is perfect for you. Thankfully, they also have a slew of other Pride makeup tutorials that celebrate other sexualities and nonsexuality—such as in their asexual Pride video.

There are an endless Pride Month makeup and hair looks to choose from and so little time to decide—seeing as the start of Pride Month is literally today. We know, we’re simultaneously containing our joy and stressing the f*ck out—because while some of us might commemorate every ounce or our sexuality (and non-sexuality) and identity, Pride Month gives us just another excuse to love on ourselves.

Granted, the real list of beauty bloggers who offer creative ways to celebrate your LGBTQ+ Pride is never-ending, these beauty vloggers above can help inspire you to innovate your own looks that celebrate your own definition of Pride.

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