7 Bodysuits That Aren't a Complete Nightmare to Get Undressed In

I have a phobia of bodysuits. At least those without snap closures. We have a messy history that leaves my emotional state similar to that of a Bachelor in Paradise contest with a fear of getting their heart broken again: apprehensive, yet unable to keep myself away. Allow me to elaborate:

Scenario 1: 

I am huddled half naked over the toilet, bodysuit around my ankles. Suddenly, the bathroom door swings open and a mother-daughter duo bursts into the stall. She gasps; I gasp. She covers her daughter's eyes. True story. 

Scenario 2:

It's 2 am on a Friday night. After waiting out the seemingly never-ending line to the ladies room, I race into the stall at lightning speed. With the dexterity of a concert pianist, I unfasten my belt and unzip in record time. I then perform a feat that can only be described as high-speed acrobatics to ensure my bodysuit is fully out of the way. I pull a muscle in my shoulder and can't turn my head all the way to the right for a week. Also a true story. 

While snapless bodysuits may quite honestly be a recently rediscovered form of medieval torture, their snap-included counterparts are actually quite nice. Once you take away the need to become an amateur contortionist, their convenience and practicality are undeniable. This season, they're hard to miss, having taken over blouses & tees section of all my favorite retailers. So, just as Nick Viall let love in again (and again, and again), I'm letting bodysuits back into my life. But this time I'm taking our relationship slow and playing it safe by only buying leotards with snap closures. 

So put your fingers to work and get scrolling for a roundup of the best snap-crotch bodysuits of the season. Trust me — you'll thank us late post-venti iced coffee!  

  1. 1. This Essential Layering Tee

    Long Sleeve Fine Ribbed Bodysuit, Topshop, $32; Shop now

    A layering bodysuit is an essential part of your spring wardrobe. It's perfect for layering under your favorite summer dresses and tanks on the last chilly days before the weather turns. The best part? No adjusting necessary! 

  2. 2. This Blousy Tank

    Trust Me Bodysuit, Free People, $68; Shop now

    The cami bodysuit attached to this flowy blouse means you can go bra-free with ease. It'll provide the coverage you're looking for without the hassle of a strapless bra. Perfect for rolling around on picnic blankets and dancing at concerts in the park! 

  3. 3. This Velour Dream

    Stretch Velour Bodysuit, American Apparel, $34; Shop now

    This teal velour number from American Apparel (they're baaaaack) is giving off major y2k vibes. The tube top fit and velour finish aretaking me back to my middle school Juicy Couture days... in the best way.  

  4. 4. This One Shoulder Wonder

    Asymmetrical Bodysuit, Zara, $26; Shop now

    ICYMI, asymmetrical necklines are going to be huge this summer. If you're new to the whole one shoulder trend, start with this basic black number in place of your everyday tank to add some zest to your summer tee and jeans 'fit. 

  5. 5. This Gorgeous Lace Number

    Out From Under Lots of Lace Bodysuit, Urban Outfitters, $49; Shop now

    If a lacy bodysuit isn't already your go-to for going out, it needs to be! This wardrobe essential will be your leather jacket's new BFF on the weekends. The underwire cups give your girls a little lift while the lace paneling keeps your waist looking snatched!   

  6. 6. This Strappy Back Tee

    One Eleven Strappy Back Bodysuit, Express, $34.90; Shop now

    Update your ordinary t-shirt and shorts fit with a fun strappy back! It's basic enough for every day but still has a festival feel that screams summer. Not a shorts girl? Try pairing it with a denim skirt or flowy midi instead! 

  7. 7. This Fun Graphic Tank

    Printed Jersey Bodysuit, H&M, $14.99; Shop now

    You'll be serving major 90's realness in this graphic tank bodysuit. The tight fit perfectly balances the relaxed fit of your favorite cut offs and boyfriend jeans for a laid-back grungy vibe. Top off the look with your favorite Doc Martens and tiny sunnies for a full 90's look. 

Although I've had a rocky relationship with bodysuits, I will say that snap bodysuits have truly salvaged this style look for me. I can safely say that I'm no longer scared of the past bodysuit scenarios that haunt me to this day.