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6 Ways to Be Chic & Cozy AF at the Same Time

Cold weather makes us want to curl up in a blanket ball with an infinite mug of hot cocoa, but unfortunately, the real world awaits us, even in the winter. And also unfortunately, the real world usually requires real clothes, as in something other than boyfriend sweatpants or patterned PJs. Sometimes getting dressed in the winter seems like a choice between being warm or looking cute, but don’t let winter give you an ultimatum. With the right approach, you can do both.

1. Fleece-lined leggings

Basically, every girl already owns a pair of basic leggings, but we’re all kidding ourselves if we think they will keep us warm enough in the winter. Ideally, we wouldn’t need to buy yet another pair, but once you try on some fleece-lined leggings you will understand. Cozy and versatile, they’re perfect for that trying-to-look-like-you’re-not-trying-look, or even literally not trying at all. We don’t judge.

2. Blanket scarves

When an outfit involves the word “blanket,” you know you will be warm AF. You can style blanket scarves about 100 different ways too, so they work with a variety of outfits. You can dress up sweatshirts and leggings or dress down a cute dress and tights. If somehow you still feel cold, you could always just use it as an actual blanket.

3. Robe coats

We applaud whoever decided to make robes into socially acceptable outerwear. True genius. They’re comfortable and easy to throw on over anything, just like a robe, but trendy and chic, like a good coat. Then all you really need are great shoes for a fab outfit. Plus, the wide array of different kinds of robe coats makes it easy to tailor to your own personal style. You can choose the edgy oversize trend or opt for a more classy beige pick, like this one from H&M.

4. Chic snow boots

Feel free to wear your Uggs until the day you die, but anyone who has experienced a harsh winter knows they just do not cut it in in the more frigid temps and are slippery when you cross an icy campus. For those going to school up North, or any collegiette who likes to keep her toes extra toasty, you will want to find a nice pair of snow boots, but not the clunky, hideous ones from your childhood. Don’t worry—these leather ones from Sorel prove you can still be chic in the snow.

5. Snuggly socks

A nice pair of wool or thermal socks easily make your outfit cuter and your feet warmer. Wearing socks that barely peek up from behind your boots subtly changes an ensemble, adding just a touch of color or a cute pattern. For a bolder look, go with over-the-knee socks over leggings or tights.

6. Layering outerwear

Sometimes one jacket just isn’t enough. Plus, guys double up on outerwear all the time, and anything guys can do girls can do better, right? As an eternally cold human being, I frequently wear layers of sweatshirts, jackets and coats. To avoid looking like a marshmallow though, you have to pick your layers carefully. An unbuttoned flannel under a jacket under a coat looks pretty good, or of course, you could go with the classic sweatshirt under vest combo. The oversized coat trend mentioned earlier works nicely with this trend too, since it can fit over just about anything.

While some people choose to give into the cold and misery of winter, you’re better than that. Nothing can stop you from being your fine, stylish self—unless you’re snowed in. Then by all means, keep your PJs on. We’re not unreasonable, after all. 


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Abby Piper

Notre Dame

Abby is a senior studying English, French and Journalism at the University of Notre Dame but remains obsessed with her hometown St. Louis. She loves running, water skiing, writing, watching Christmas movies all year long and The O.C.'s Seth Cohen.