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6 Sustainable Style Brands That Are Actually Affordable on the College Budget

It seems like more and more fashion brands are turning to go green and I’m so here for it. Sustainability has been gradually making its way into the fashion world. With more brands going into ethical fashion, that makes it easier to find trendy clothing while saving the planet, all at an affordable price. A lot of shoppers assume sustainability can’t meet affordability, but that’s quickly changing in today’s fashion world. 

While fashion labels are creating a movement to eco-friendly fashion, certain celebrities are making their wardrobes sustainable. For example, Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle is a leader when it comes to fashion idols today, and her acceptance to sustainable fashion has positively impacted the world of fashion. Her acceptance, along with other celebrities like Emma Watson and Lauren Conrad, to name a few, have led others to adopt ethical fashion into their style ways. 

All in all, sustainably chic is the new style everyone wants to be a part of, and I am here to help you transform your closet to eco-friendly. Sustainability is trending, but how does a college girl afford eco-friendly fashion? Here are 4 sustainable fashion brands that have trendy clothing at affordable prices.


Everlane calls their movement towards ethical fashion a “radical transparency.” Although Everlane isn’t big on trends, it is known more for their basic, timeless clothing items that we all need to build our closet. Everlane states, “We believe our customers have a right to know how much their clothes cost to make. We reveal the true costs behind all of our products — from materials to labor to transportation — then offer 
them to you, minus the traditional retail markup.”

Plume and Thread

Plume and Thread takes pride in the fact their brand is 100% USA-made with their philosophy “we care” in their mind. The design and production takes place within a 5-mile radius from Plume and Thread’s studio in Philadelphia, PA. Their team and practice remains consistent with their mission, which is: being mindful, alive, and considerate. 


We love a sustainable, ethical, eco-conscious brand that ALSO has a badass message. KIDD BELL provides the coolest apparel, from tees to enamel pins for your denim jacket, all with empowering statements. Show off what you care about with a simple but powerful look, all while maintaining a sustainable wardrobe.

TAMGA Designs

According to their website, TAMGA Designs is a “sustainable lifestyle movement, born out of the need for a positive example in fashion. We believe in a bright future for style, people and the planet, so we create clothing that respects all three.” Their signature prints are strictly hand-made with vibrant vibes and express the commitment to having an overall colorful, bright life. They’re committed to protecting Indonesia’s endangered forests and create their quality clothing from the best of the best sustainable materials in the world, made in superb working conditions.

Ash & Rose

Ash & Rose is a boutique created by a powerful mother-daughter duo, who strive to make the world a beautiful place. According to Ash & Rose, “it is a shop for women who love all things romantic, whimsical, pretty and practical – and care about the planet and the people who inhabit it.” They’re guided by their three core values: sustainability, fair labor, and empowering women — all through their designs. They have a wide price range, but also a wide range of clothing with classy styles and trend.

Alternative Apparel

In need of some cozy, sustainably-created basics and neutrals? Alternative Apparel keeps it simple with casual jersey tees, hoodies, t-shirt dresses, sweats and more. Personally digging this ‘Yes Girl Yes’ tee for a lazy day in or a statement tee on campus.

Aside from these brands, there are so many more eco-friendly fashion brands. As fashionistas, we believe our clothes define us and allow us to be who we want to be, which we can do all through sustainable fashion, at an affordable price line.

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