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6 Pairs of Shearling Boots That are Actually Cute

The key to staying warm in the winter starts with appropriate footwear for the sub-zero weather. Wearing shearling-lined boots is a surefire way to keep your feet warm during the polar vortex. We’re sure you’ve all owned winter boots that are incredible warm, but that aren’t the most stylish. But just because a shoe is practical, doesn’t mean that it can’t be cute!  Here are some adorable shearling-lined boots to keep you warm and fashionable this winter:

1. Ugg Australia Blayre II Boots, Zappos ($199.95)

These aren’t the Uggs you rocked in middle school. This grown-up version comes in three colors (brown, black and tan) that will go with any outfit you decide to wear. You’ll feel like you’re wearing your favorite pair of Classic Uggs, but you’ll look like you’re wearing a chic bootie.

2. Shearling-Lined Bean Boots, L.L.Bean ($199)

Bean Boots are a staple in every Northeasterner’s winter wardrobe. The durable and waterproof exterior makes them a great snow boot that’s not too clunky or hard to walk in. Our favorite Bean Boot comes in a shearling-lined option that’s sure to keep our feet warm and dry.

3. Coach Zena Boots, Zappos ($248)

This pair of boots from Coach is the winter-ready version of a chic motorcycle boot. Made of rubber and, of course, lined with shearling, these boots are for the girl who can’t even fathom wearing snow boots. They’re lightweight, sleek and come with the same edgy detailing as a regular motorcycle boot.

4. Trotters Blast III Bootie, Nordstrom ($94.95)


These no-fuss booties are easy to throw on when you’re headed out for a busy day. They’re lined with faux shearling and have a waterproof exterior that will allow you to walk through your snow-covered campus. Their short stature will also ensure that you won’t overheat when you’re running around all day.

5. Hunter Shearling and Leather Boots, Saks Fifth Avenue ($350)

6. Coach Warren Wedge Boot, Nordstrom ($298)

These are the perfect pair of boots to wear when you need to dress up a little nicer, but the temperature is below-freezing. They’re shearling-lined, so your feet will stay warm, and they have a wedge, so you’ll look super chic. With the best of both worlds, you’ll be ready to take on any party in the cold.

These boots will be sure to keep your toes toasty while still keeping you looking cool and trendy. Which of these shearling-lined boots are you coveting this winter?