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Makeup looks and beauty trends come and go. Sometimes its the crackle nail polish and other times its clip-on feathers. These trends may not make a come back anytime soon but clasic looks never go out of fashion. May it be the red lip or the cat eye, you can rely on them for any occasion. We can all take a cue from old Hollywood and incorporate these classic makeup looks into our beauty routine to feel like a silver screen siren.

1. The Red Lip.

Everyone can rock a red lip. The key is to find one that comlements your skin tone. Before you apply red lip though apply a lip primer or a thin coat of foundation and use a lip brush also, don’t forget the liner.

2.Flawless Skin.

Using the right combination of foundation, concealer, and pressed powder will ensure that you look picture perfect. Start with moisturizing your face, then use concealer to hide any blemishes or dark circles. Next, apply foundation and powder for a flawless finish.

3.Cat Eye

Cat eyes can be done anytime for any occasion. It is one of my favorite look because its fast( with a little practise) and there is version for every occasion. Going to class? do the standard swoosh. Going  for a party? Why not try the winhed out look or the double winged look. See? Lot’s of options. Using a cream or gel liner works best, according to me.

4.Defined Eyebrows.

A dark and defined eyebrow can make you look polished and accenture your eyes. A quick tip- don’t let the arch of your brows be to sharp they will make you look old and the distance betwwen your brows determines what your nose will look like. Eg. If the gap between then is less then your nose will look thin and vise versa. Use small but trong strokes to define your brows.

5. Neutral Eye Shadow.

Don’t overwhelm your otherwise picture-perfect makeup look with overpowering eye shadow. Use a cream or vanilla color on your eyelids so they aren’t competing with the rest of your face. The neutral palette will also draw more attention to your pretty peepers.

6. Rosy Cheeks.

After applying your face makeup, use a rosy cream rouge or a powder blush oncheekbones and NOT the apples of your cheeks.  Why? Well, the answers very simple, the apples of your cheeks only appear when you smile and then you apply your blush but what happens when you are not smiling? They apples fall and your blush settles near your mouth!






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