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5 Ways to Transition Your Favorite Cheetah Pieces from Summer to Fall

It’s been a bit of a “wild” summer, to say the least! With animal prints and patterns popping up on our timelines like advertisements, we could say that it’s one of the biggest trends of the season. Leopard print skirts, Cheetah trimmed dresses, and bodysuits wrapped up in King Cobra skin are selling fast in our favorite stores. 

Yet, as summer is ending, the bummer of (literally) hanging up our favorite rompers is a hard-hitting reality. But the party doesn’t stop because it decided to drop ten or twelve degrees. Try some of these chic combos that’ll have you feeling the heat of summer even in the breeze of the fall! 

Go with the flow 

Flowy Dresses with long sleeves are a go-to when making the daunting switch from summer to fall. The lightweight texture gives you leeway for the cold mornings and warm afternoons — you know, to expect the unexpected.  

 Get the look: Ruffle Trim Surplice Leopard Dress, SHEIN, $21; shop now

Trench in style 

Remember that phase where everyone wore blazers for dresses? Why not do the same with light-weight trench coats and jackets? It protects you from the chill, while also allowing you room to breathe. 

Get the look: Leopard Vinyl Trench, Boohoo, $112; shop now

Take the top off 

Ever had one of those super cute spaghetti strapped maxi dresses? If it’s getting too cold to wear it the way you normally would, switch things up by adding a cute top and turning it into a timeless maxi-skirt. If it’s a skater dress, give tucking it into your jeans a try, or tie it up at the front. 

Get the look: Wildly Wonderful Leopard Print Satin Maxi Wrap Dress, Lulus, $59; shop now

Layer up, buttercup 

One of the easiest ways to still flaunt your summer wardrobe is to dress in layers. That’s right, throw something under or over your fit and stay warm. 

Get the look: Leopard Print Sweater, Express, $70; shop now

Accessorize to your heart’s content

A great way to still incorporate the summertime craze over animal print is to add a little here and there to your outfit. Picking up some cheetah print booties, or even a clutch is a way to represent the amazing fun you had during those hot months as you venture into fall! 

Get the look: City Ankle Fashion Boots in Leopard, Target, $35; shop now

Trends don’t have to die when adjusting your looks can help keep it alive. With it’s brown and neutral tones, cheetah print is most def going to be a fan favorite throughout the fall as well.

Ashley Tate

Howard '22

Ashley Tate attends Howard University and is a Journalism major from Birmingham, Alabama. She finds that most of her best writing comes from quiet coffee shops and within the confines of her room. In her free time, Ashley can be found writing poetry, catching up on a good book, or updating her blog (https://ashapplied.wixsite.com/ashapplied).