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5 Ways To Rock A Scarf You’ve Never Tried Before

Any fashion lover will know that fall and winter mean only one thing: scarf season. We’ve been bundling up in our favorite blanket scarves since mid-September, so now we’re looking for ways to spice things up a bit. The good news is that there’s more than one way to rock a scarf. In fact, the possibilities are pretty much endless. So grab your biggest, coziest scarf and mix up your wardrobe in one (or more!) of our favorite ways. 

1. As a poncho

Every fall and winter wardrobe needs a good poncho, but your favorite blanket scarf can double as one too! Simply drape the scarf over your shoulders, making sure it hangs low down your arms like a poncho would. Bonus tip: throw a belt around your waist to add shape and pull the whole look together.

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2. As a hair accessory

If you’re stuck bracing the bitter cold, this 2-in-1 style is perfect for you. This is also one of the easiest styles to recreate. Simply place the scarf over your head, folding it in half first. Then wrap the ends of the scarf around your neck like you would normally, and voilà! You have a scarf and a hat all in one.

3. As a cape

Every aspiring fashion icon will tell you that capes are a huge trend this season. Fortunately, there’s a way to try out the trend without spending big bucks on the real style. For this look, all you’ll need is an oversized scarf. Fold it in half and drape over your shoulders (like Taylor Swift did in the photo) or try tying it in the middle of your chest. Either way, you’re guaranteed an easy and sophisticated look!

4. As a body wrap

This look is perfect for those who love to rock an effortlessly chic vibe. All you have to do is take your favorite scarf and wrap it around your waist, just like you would a towel when you get out of the shower. Then, separate the two pieces and throw on a belt. You’ll definitely start a trend on campus with this one.

5. As a sash

If you’re really looking to make a fashion statement, this is the look for you! Draping your favorite scarf across you like a sash is the perfect way to add a pop of color or print to any look. Try it one-sided or drape the scarf across your body diagonally. For this look, you might want to add a belt to give structure and keep the scarf in place.

Of course, there are about a million ways to tie a scarf—these are just some of our favorites. Don’t be afraid to take a few fashion risks and rock new styles this winter, collegiettes!

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