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5 Tips for Staying Warm & Stylish This Winter

In the midst of the dreary months of winter, it can be easy to fall into a sloppy fashion slump of sweats and snuggly puffer jackets – it’s freezing cold and sometimes snowy, making the majority of your wardrobe un-wearable for a few months.

Or so you thought! We got the inside scoop from collegiettes in chilly places on their favorite cold-weather style hacks. Read on for some major winter fashion inspiration and get ready to turn your winter style slump around!

1. Add some fuzzy faux fur




Black jacket




Trendy dressers, get excited: One of the best ways to stay warm during the chilliest days is also one of this season’s biggest trends – fur! Whether real or faux, University of Virginia senior Katrina Margolis says that fur is the chicest and warmest way to bundle up.

“I have been dealing with the cold all of my life, and my number-one advice is to wear fur,” Katrina says. “I have a rabbit scarf that is the warmest thing I’ve ever worn. I know a lot of people are opposed to real fur, so fake fur is also definitely another way to stay warm with a bit of a flair.”

Our favorite ways to don some snuggly faux fur? Oversize fur jackets are super trendy right now and have been spotted on celebs like Ashley Olsen. To add a pattern to an outfit, leopard looks super chic and dresses up a neutral look. If you want to wear the material as an accent, try small accessories like scarves or furry combat boots, a winter-weather twist on the closet staple. The key to wearing fur is to pick one furry piece and keep the rest of your outfit simple in order to let the fur stand out and make a statement. Let’s avoid the yeti look, please – no matter how cold it gets!

2. Slip on some snuggly socks


Hue socks



Charlotte Russe lace up boots



Merona brown boots


To keep those toes toasty on sidewalks full of slush and snow, New York University senior Claudia Dimuro recommends the warmest, fuzziest socks you can find.

“One of the most old-fashioned and underrated ways [to stay warm] would be socks,” Claudia says. “Fuzzy socks in cold weather can get a girl a long way when it comes to being comfortable (and fashionable).”

Sure, it’s easy to hide your socks under your boots, but why not use them to make a super-cute fashion statement? We love the look of neutral, chunky, knit knee-high socks that peek out of the top of your favorite pair of classic riding boots. Another snuggly option is to layer a pair of mid-calf high socks with combat boots – this is a super chic look that you can top off with tights and a flared skater skirt. Dark red or oxblood knit socks peeking out from brown combat boots add a pop of color to any look and will keep those ankles cozy!

3. Layer up



H M jacket
$38 – hm.com



H M coat
$75 – hm.com


It seems simple, but adding lots of layers to your outfit is a super chic way to stay warm (and add interest to your look!). Victoria Mikula, a sophomore at Point Park University, loves wearing her winter pea coat under her favorite fall jacket in order to keep using it through the freezing winter months.

“One of my favorite cold-weather hacks going to school in cold Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is, of course, layering!” Victoria says. “I love my fall jacket, but it’s just too light to wear by itself in the winter, so I wear a lighter winter jacket underneath it. Not only is my fall jacket much more stylish, but the extra layer ensures that I’ll be toasty warm while I explore my freezing city!”

The easiest way to quickly add toasty layers? Like Victoria, try a jacket under a coat – not only will it keep you warm, but you’ll also still have a super-stylish layered outfit once you take your coat off indoors! Go for a leather moto jacket under an oversize faux-fur coat for a super-edgy look, or even a practical puffer vest underneath a chic topper in a trendy color like powder blue, which was featured on runways like Creatures of Comfort and Tibi this season.

The key to layering is to not overdo it – after all, you won’t want to be so bundled up that you can’t walk to class! A good rule of thumb is to have a maximum of three layers: A light sweater or shirt, a jacket or heavy cardigan and a coat on top of it all will ensure you’re bundled – not bulked – up.

4. Upgrade your headwear


Knit headband



We love our slouchy beanies, but come February and March, we’re getting a little bit bored of wearing them every. Single. Day. To mix things up, Alexandra Blessing, a junior at Millersville University, recommends knitted headbands as a super-cute winter-weather fashion accessory.

“I occasionally knit, so I made a bunch of cute head warmers to cover my ears in the freezing cold!” Alexandra says. “Sometimes I keep it on all day because it goes so well with my outfit.”

For those who can knit or are DIY-savvy, making your own headband can be a fun project. Not a fan of DIY? Opt for head warmers in chunkier knit styles, a texture that was huge on runways like The Row this season. Knits made of wool, like the two-tone ASOS headband above, will be extra warm. For a fun twist, try pretty beading or a colorful print! Wear them over wavy bedhead hair for an effortless way to keep warm and pull your look together.

5. Choose high-tech tights




Calvin Klein clothing



Pretty Polly black tight
$21 – bloomingdales.com


On the coldest days of winter, even tights won’t keep your legs warm enough to let you break out your favorite skirt. What’s a stylish-skirt-loving girl to do?

Collegiettes, heat technology tights are here for you. Tights and leggings that have special heat technology, like Calvin Klein’s Tech Heat tights or Pretty Poly’s Heat Sense Tights, keep you warm by retaining your body heat.

To keep your style game strong through winter, try investing in a pair or two of heat technology tights in basic black to go with all your favorite skirts or switching out your go-to leggings for leggings with heat technology—a way warmer alternative. Need to really bundle up? Layer tights or leggings under your favorite jeans for extra warmth!

Sweatpants, hat hair and ski jackets? No longer necessary evils of winter. With these style hacks, you’ll have no problem beating the chilly winter blahs and making it to spring without turning into an ice cube!

Caroline is the Evening/Weekend Editor and Style Editor at Her Campus, a senior public relations major at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and a leather jacket enthusiast.  You can follow her on Twitter and Instagram @c_pirozzolo. 
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