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5 Style Secrets I Swear By to Make Any Outfit Look Super Expensive

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Want to know a well-kept secret about the most stylish college students? They know that achieving an elevated, expensive look doesn't actually have to be expensive. Trust me when I say that straight-off-the-runway looks aren't just for top fashion influencers.

While it definitely seems daunting to make an outfit look more expensive, it’s actually fairly simple. All you need to know are a few key things, from where to shop to what styling tips to incorporate. Check out these insider tips on how to make literally any outfit in your closet look waaaay more expensive.

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1. Know where to shop

Looking expensive doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of money. Some of my favorite stores to find expensive looking pieces include Mango, Zara, H&M, and Banana Republic for basics. The key is to know what to look for and to avoid the super cheap sections like H&M’s Divided.

Pick pieces that have fabrics that don’t feel cheap in your hands and aren’t see-through. Tweed, cotton, imitation suede, and linen are some of my favorites because they really give that lavish look. Expensive items are often priced higher because of the attention to detail, so keep an eye out for those little extras and avoid cheap embellishments, like sequins and metal-painted buttons.

2. Opt for neutrals

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As a rule, neutrals will always look more expensive, as long as you don’t buy cheap looking fabric. A cream sweater from H&M can look just as expensive as a designer cashmere number.

3. Go for bold prints

Prints are one of the trickiest things when it comes to looking expensive. Many printed items from inexpensive stores are random and chaotic. Stick to bold prints like leopard and snakeskin.

Another tip is to look at how they line up at the seams. At expensive stores, the patterns always line up perfectly. Cheap manufacturers will cut corners to save on cost by just slapping two pieces of fabric together. Oftentimes you’ll notice that the print line up varies from item to item in a high street shop. With that in mind, try to buy the one that lines up best.

4. Choose midi lengths

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The midi length always looks more polished than something short. When styled the right way, it can seriously take your look up a notch. Try pairing it with some faux-leather boots or mule heels for a next-level feel.

5. Include simple styling tricks

[bf_image id="02" ]Another way to make any outfit look more expensive is to incorporate a few styling tricks. One of my favorites is the French tuck (thanks, Antoni from Queer Eye). Tucking in just the front of your top can make the most basic tee-shirt look more expensive. Take a look at how designers and expensive shops are styling their items and incorporate a few of those tricks. It will make you look both more expensive and on trend.

Now that you're equipped with some essential style hacks, looking ultra-expensive has never been so easy. Save yourself a little extra cash when it comes to the trends — your iced coffee fund will thank you later.

Read the full post here

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