5 Red Carpet Looks from the Met Gala That We're Honestly Still Not Over

From Rihanna's iconic Pope masterpiece to Katy Perry's majestic angel getup, this year's Met Gala served looks so fine you'd think it was The Last Supper. The "Heavenly Bodies" theme surrounding the Gala invited the most extravagant and awe-inspiring takes on red carpet fashion. And these five celebrity ensembles were just too heavenly to forget: 

1. Priyanka Chopra's Glittering Veil 

Priyanka combined veiling with her Indian roots for the 2018 Gala. The sparkling headpiece was accompanied by a velvet maroon and skin-tight Ralph Lauren gown, with all of its embroidery finished by designers in India. Tying Indian design to the classic gown style, Priyanka's ensemble was truly beautiful as well as unique. The sparkling gold eyeshadow brought the whole look together and the matching maroon lip sent it over the top. 

2. Zendaya's Joan of Arc Power Gown



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How fitting is it that our fashion savior, Zendaya, wore a Joan of Arc-inspired outfit? Zendaya stunned Gala guests with her shining armor and wavy red bob. She emanated power with her edgy shoulder piece, followed by fitted torso armor. Her deconstructed knight's suit somehow still channeled elegance with its long flashy silver train, cape and flowing sleeves.

3. Ariana Grande's Chapel-Painted Gown


I went to da met and was super Italian

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Ariana's gown was quite literally "high art," as it was inspired by the painting on the highest ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. This Vera Wang gown took Michelangelo's painting of "The Last Judgment" scene and folded it into its full skirt and fitted bodice. With only one look at the dress you would think it just had a gorgeous blend of beige and blue patterns, but to see actual artwork projected in the gown makes it all the more extraordinary. After seeing Ari slay in it, we're hoping that fine art-printed gowns find their way into more mainstream style. 

4. Hailey Baldwin's Angelic Attire


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A reprieve from the glitzier gowns, Hailey's lilac dress and floral headpiece was a breath of fresh spring air. Hailey entranced all with her dainty Tommy Hilfiger dress in the prettiest shade of purple. Her shimmering makeup added extra angelic appeal, and the floral headband was spring blossoms incarnate. How can something so simple still look so right? 

5. Cardi B's Pearl Embellished Gown 


Catholic #Moschino

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Cardi B really was the queen mother of the entire affair with her show-stopping pearl gown. Renowned designer Jeremy Scott designed the 30-pound wonder for Cardi, and she looked divine in it. The gown was embellished all over with gleaming white pearls and included some precious gem accents, which extended down to her sleeves and up to her matching headpiece. A soon-to-be-mother (of Pearl), Cardi's ensemble will be remembered for many Met Galas to come. 

The 2018 Met Gala was especially exciting for exploring the mostly unexplored intersection of religion and fashion. With a new area of style opening up, we don't expect these looks to be put to rest too soon. Still obsessed with this red carpet fashion, we hope they resurrect into our everyday style in bold and divine ways.