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5 Perfumes I’m Gifting Everyone On My Holiday List

Perfume is my thing, NGL. It makes me feel sexy, or transports me to a tropical paradise, and my personal collection of scents just gets bigger every year. For the holidays, I’m giving all the babes in my friend group and family different fragrances. While gifting scents to other people can be hard because you don’t know whether they’re going to love it or hate it, I’m pretty confident these are going to be winners. Tried-and-tested by me personally, these were the magical-smelling perfumes that blew me away and everyone needs to know about. You’re going to want one, trust me. 


Scent 1: Secret Genius ($24)

This is the most deliciously confusing scent I’ve ever smelled. You know that hot, leather-wearing girl you can’t decide whether you want to be or be on top of? Regardless of the answer, she 100 percent wears Secret Genius. A spicy mix of caramel and vanilla, this scent is equal parts sex and mystery, and all parts amazing.

Scent 2: Sun Saint ($24)

If my mid-July self had a scent, this would be it. I’m tan as hell, my vitamin D levels are off the charts, my hair has this golden tousled post-sex look and I’m miles away from pimply pubescent boy skin. I mean, I’m fucking glowing. With notes of coconut and sandalwood, Sun Saint is “summer best life” in a bottle.

BONUS: Best Travel Perfume Ever! ($24)

Why have a signature scent when you can smell like whatever the fuck you want whenever the fuck you want? This is the luxury that Pinrose’s travel perfume pack affords you. 20 perfectly sized towelettes in all of Pinrose’s best scents that you can take with you wherever you go. Now that’s versatility, babe.

i smell great

Scent: Wild Honey ($34)

You’re making funfetti cupcakes and get inspired to drizzle honey all over the frosting. This is that scent. With notes of (you guessed it!) wild honey and tahitian vanilla, you will have a hard time keeping your partner from just…licking you. Which isn’t a bad thing.

Malie Organics

Scents: Multiple ($32)

Close your eyes and picture yourself on a Hawaiian island, surrounded by lush greenery, getting massaged with warm scented oils. Now open your eyes and realize it’s cold as fuck, you’re forever alone, and you’re totally miz. But wasn’t that moment of zen SO luscious? Don’t ya just wish you could capture it in, say… a roller-ball? Malie Organics perfume oils are the perfect little gifts for yourself or friends who just need a bit of island in their lives.  My fav is Koke’e, a true greenery scent with notes of Jasmine and Amber. It layers beautifully with other Malie scents like Mango Nectar and Plumeria — all must-haves for this cold holiday season.

I hope all you friends and fam loves these perfumes as much as I do, and that they feeling like goddesses wearing every single one. Happy gifting! 

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