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5 Pairs of Lace-Up Flats to Help You Step Into Spring

We all know Carrie Bradshaw loves a good strappy sandal and we completely agree with the shoe queen herself. There’s just something about that lace-up detail that adds a little something extra to any outfit. But we know that strappy Manolos with a steep heel aren’t perfect for every occassion, unless you ARE Carrie Bradshaw (how did she manage to trot around New York City in those anyway?!). So we’ve found the 5 best lace-up flats to help you step into spring.

1. Steve Madden “Sunshine”

These simplistic flats ($69.95) come in 5 different colors and have a pop of metallic in the heel. Pair these with some baggy boyfriend jeans to wear to class! 

2. Caslon Espadrilles

Nothing says spring and summer quite like a pair of espadrilles ($89.95). These come in three different colors and can easily add a beachy feel to any outfit. Plus, how perfect are these for this summer’s music festivals?

3. Bella Vita “Ollie”

Add an unexpected twist to a formal outfit by pairing these champagne studded flats ($59.90) with a dress. The cute tassels and punky studs just give this pair that extra oomph.

4. ASOS “Lordship”

The intricate cut-outs of these adorable light blue lace-ups ($43) perfectly add dimension and interest to any outfit. The light color makes them perfect for warm weather!

5. ASOS “Level Up”

For those looking for something a little more wild, these flats ($33.50) are the perfect statement piece. Pair with a breezy white dress for an unexpected pop of print!

Mary Paige Nesfeder (known as MP on the volleyball court) is a junior Media and Communication Studies major at The Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C. She is about as contradictory as the Instagram accounts she follows (her faves are dcfoodporn and yoga_girl)! She finds solace in Jack Johnson, her Pinterest account and a good nap. She can't go a day without talking to her mom or daydreaming about the future.  
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