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5 Must-Have Winter Jackets You Can Thrift For All Occasions

Jackets are a staple in everyone’s wardrobe. No matter the season, there’s always an opportunity to layer, whether it’s on those cold summer nights, dealing with the air conditioned indoors or, in this case, the cold winter months. 

Jackets are an accessory with a function. They can serve as a statement-making addition to any outfit. Since they’ve likely been a staple in your wardrobe since the beginning of time, you may find yourself in a rut or even forgetful of how to “style” them — because, yes, they can be used as a styling piece.

Here’s a roundup of the best winter jackets for all types of occasions for some re-inspiration.

The thermal flannel

This one gives me major lumberjack vibes, but in the best way. First off, it’s extremely warm (function check) and easy to style (fashion check). I recommend checking out a local thrift store for an item like this, especially in the men’s section. I prefer the oversized look when it comes to this style of jacket. It’s great for added warmth and levels up the coziness factor. 

Picking out a neutral plaid pattern will make it easy to style with your basic everyday looks. A neutral flannel goes with any basic top, jeans and leggings. A sleek pair of boots will top off the “lumberjack vibes” I mentioned earlier, definitely suiting any outdoors look.

The faux leather

This jacket is definitely a layering piece. While faux leather jackets can vary in thickness and warmth, I’d definitely recommend layering if you’re in a super cold climate. There are so many colors to pick from –– black, camel, burgundy, brown, etc.

In terms of layering, sweaters are a simple go-to. Mixing edge with comfort, I’ve always thought layering a hoodie underneath a faux leather jacket was such a cool look that creates a unique contrast. 

The puffer

I’d say the puffer is the winter jacket of this past year, and I think it’ll stay that way moving forward. This one will definitely keep you warm and has quickly become a fashion-forward addition to any winter outfit. 

You can go the more neutral route with a classic black or beige, play with texture by experimenting with patent faux leather puffers, and choose your ideal length from cropped to oversized. 

The bomber

The bomber has been in style for a while now, but its fit and structure has evolved overtime. In 2021 the oversized, relaxed fit is in. I recommend, once again, checking out the men’s section of a thrift store for a more authentic piece. 

It's a chic addition to any look, especially if you’re keeping it cozy underneath with a sweat set, for example. While it’s not always the warmest option, it makes for another great layering jacket and one that can carry over to other seasons such as fall and spring.

The structured 

The structured jacket makes for a very flattering fit. Its cut, collar and buttons make it another chic and fashion-forward piece for walking around the city (or suburb) streets in the cold winter months. 

A structured jacket is a more polished and put-together option for when you’re looking to dress up an outfit. It allows you to keep your pieces underneath basic, serving as the statement accessory you needed to mix style with function. 

Again, I suggest — can you guess? — checking out a thrift store for this piece. I’ve found almost every jacket mentioned above while thrifting!

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I know winter can result in a lack of inspiration in the fashion department due to the cold weather. However, I hope this showed how you can use jackets to your advantage during the winter to stay stylish while also functional. 

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