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5 Must-Have Pieces for Building Your Dream Thrifted Wardrobe

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Ever felt the need to add some pizzazz to your wardrobe or just wanted to go for an outlandish look? I vote Goodwill! I could say that I’m addicted, but everyone needs some retail therapy. So, wondering what to look for in a store full of jumbled trends? It’s okay, I can let you in on some Goodwill essentials. 

5. Crewnecks/Pullovers

I dedicate my crewnecks and pullovers for days where I literally just feel like a blob. Throw a crewneck together with a pair of ripped jeans and a pair of converse, you’re good to go! The key pullovers and crewnecks I search for are either monotone olives/pastels, vintage Nike/Adidas, half-zips, and rare, but vintage Tommy. Honestly, any crewneck or pullover will serve the blob day purpose!

4. Stripes



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There is NEVER a wrong season for stripes. Pinstripe shirts even catch my eye! Let’s focus on the basic, black and white, stripes that are evenly distributed across the shirt. These are the most perfect with blue or black jeans. For super contrast, go with the stripes and a pair of kneecap ripped light blue jeans. I would heart eye emoji if I could! Now for those willing to overstep boundaries, look for a “where’s waldo” t-shirt.

I know you’re probably thinking there’s no way a “where’s waldo” tee could be an essential, but this is just a little nickname for the red and white striped shirts. Clever? No, not so much.

3. Oversized T-shirts



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I’m starting to think maybe I live to dress for blob days because these are definitely an essential! Goodwill has options that range from your monotone tees, DIY bleach dye tees, and all the way to urban designer tees.

These give you a little bit more of flexibility with your outfits because you could either style a monotone oversized tee with a pair of super skinny rockstar jeans (extra ripped), or bleach dye a black oversized tee and style it with a pair of high-waist jeans/shorts!

2. Jerseys

Pay close attention to the racks because you just might skim over a pretty cool jersey! It doesn’t matter what kind of jersey. It could be a soccer, NASCAR, vintage basketball/football, hockey jersey, literally anything! If you have a vision for it, snag it. Snag it quick too because I promise you the next person will take a look at it.

Jerseys can really be pair with any bottoms, but try to refrain from patterns on patterns.. eep!

1. Dad Hats (& Hats In General!)



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Frequent questions I receive sound like “where do you find all of your hats?” or “dude, can you get me a dad hat?” So, I’ll just drop some knowledge on how to find your own! Snapbacks are not back, let’s look for the strap-backs or maybe even the belt-backs?  A key feature to look for in the dad hats is the brim! Dad hats have a slightly curved brim and they are usually cotton.

To add some zest maybe try distressing the brim or even bleaching the hat! Again, dad hats are for the inevitable blob days!

A challenge for you: after the essentials, up it a level and try thrifting to express your creativity!

Jamesia Folston is an Early Childhood Education student at Valdosta State University. She is a 23 year old alternative music addict who enjoys traveling, thrifting, and creating. She aspires to become an educator abroad and globetrotter.
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