5 Last-Minute NYE Outfits (Made Up Of Things You Already Have!)

Hey fashionistas! Still not sure what you'll be wearing on New Year's Eve? You don't have to worry about rushing to the mall because you can always revamp the classic pieces that have gotten you through the crazy, hectic year that was 2015. Whether you will be partying with your friends, spending quality time with the fam, or hitting up your favorite spots around town, your closet has got you covered.

1. Belle of the (Disco) Ball



White dress



Zara grey coat




Miu Miu cateye glasses



Lime Crime lipstick


Rock a simple white dress to stand out in a sea of sequins and LBDs. You can elevate the look with some pops of color—it's time to break out those heels that have been gathering dust in your closet since summer. Stay warm with a sleek winter coat, and don't be afraid to offset the minimalism of your dress with a bold lip and statement accessories.

2. Day to Night


Sequin tank



Topshop slim blazer




High heel pumps





For those of you social butterflies who will be rushing from one place to another on the 31st, rely on your trusty blazer for an effortless day to night look that will leave you ready for NYE in no time. Transform that blazer from business casual to absolute glam by wearing form-fitting jeans or leggings and a show-stopping top (preferably sparkly). The contrast between your colorful top and dark blazer adds the extra oomph your NYE outfit needs.

3. Not Your Ugly Holiday Sweater



Colorblock sweater




High heels stiletto



River Island black clutch


Sure, December wouldn't be the same without dragging out your tackiest holiday sweaters. But let New Year's be known as a sweater party too—don a statement knit on top of a bodycon skirt for a unique silhouette and style. Not to mention, this ensemble is perfect for hiding your food baby while still giving you the perfect amount of leg room for getting wild on the dance floor. It's also great for those of you who have more casual commitments on NYE; why sacrifice comfort for chic when you can have both?

4. Black is the New Black


Alice Olivia shirts blouse



Paige Denim jeans



Pollini leather boots



Chanel leather purse



Eugenia Kim wool hat



No matter what year it is, black is always an acceptable color to rock from head to toe. And let's be honest, it's probably the most common color in all of our closets. Keep it interesting on New Year's Eve by mixing up the textures: chiffon with denim, leather and fur, or even throw in some suede and velvet accents. You can even ditch some of the subtlety and include a rich blue denim for your bottoms, or some patterns in your accessories. Paying attention to these details will keep your overall outfit classic but still fashion-forward.

5. Matchy Matchy



Acne Studios skirt





Kate spade jewelry







Lancôme lip gloss



Nail polish



Want to look/feel like you have your life together for the new year? All you have to do is wear a matching set and you will instantly seem like the most put together person in the room. If you don't have a matching set, get in the DIY spirit and find a top and a bottom that are similar shades of the same color. Since that's going to be the statement piece(s) in your outfit, keep it simple and monochrome in terms of accessories.

Whatever you choose to wear on New Year's Eve, wear it with confidence and you will absolutely own the look. From your workday blazer to your summer whites, each piece in your closet is versatile and an opportunity to exercise your sartorial creativity. So save your next shopping excursion for 2016, and pay a little homage to the clothes that carry the memories of this year.