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5 Global Fashion Trends to Try When You Want Something New

The start of fall is here, and there’s no better time to give your wardrobe a little facelift. Stores are currently full of back to school styles and sales, but what if you want to establish a look that’s a little more unique?

Developing your own personal style can be overwhelming, especially when there are so many different fashion trends out there. With so much to choose from, sometimes we tend to ignore it all and just stick with the basics. But we shouldn’t block it all out. This season, don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone and take some inspiration from these international trends from across the globe!

1. Mixing bright patterns 

Many of the current trends in Africa revolve around beautiful brightly colored fabrics. Ankara, Leso, and Kitenge are three different types of African textile patterns that have been a staple in the fashion trends of African countries for many years. These beautiful textiles are known for their striking patterns and bright colors, and are truly unlike anything found here in the US. 

Today, they remain a staple of African fashion, and designers are finding new ways to put their own spin on the traditional styles. The mixing and matching of these bright fabrics were one of the major trends at South African Fashion Week, creating a bold and daring trend to try out in your everyday wardrobe.

Incorporating Ankara, Leso, and Kitenge into your style will leave you with some really special and unique looks, and shopping on Etsy is a great way to find some quality and authentic fabrics. But if those specific prints aren’t your thing, use them as inspiration and try mixing some of your own favorite patterns and colors in a new way.

2. Daring denim

Denim will always be in style, so at first glance it might not seem like a trend. But straying away from the classic skinny jean is something that both American and French bloggers are embracing lately. Right now, the French are focusing on a specific kind of denim for the everyday: a cropped, high-waisted flare jean with a wide leg and shorter hem—like these ones from American Eagle.

This style might seem intimidating if you’re not a fashion blogger (like most of us) and may not be for everyone, but daring to try these will instantly upgrade your outfit to the coveted level of French girl chic.


Probably the kind of thing I wore circa 1998… GAME N

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3. Platform shoes

Another trend that has crept its way into the US is a current favorite in South America: platform shoes. “I went to Argentina in May and platform shoes were literally everywhere,” says Kayla Dungee, a senior at Georgia State University. “Platform converse, sandals, boots, pumps—if it were any type of shoes, a platform was added. They’re super easy to walk in and dress up any outfit!”

Kayla is right, platforms really do come in any style. They’re perfect if you just want to give yourself a couple extra inches everyday, like with these H&M sandals

They’re also a great alternative to heels if you want a more comfortable formal shoe, like these Steve Madden wedges

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4. Sportswear

In an ideal world, it would be acceptable to wear leggings all the time. Thankfully, China seems to be catching onto that dream, because everyday sportswear is becoming increasingly trendy there. Athleisure is already pretty popular here in the US, but now you can feel even trendier and more fabulous (if that’s possible) when you throw on your most trusted leggings and tank.


Morning Shanghai

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These days there are so many different styles to try out, so shop around and find what makes you comfortable, because that’s what’s most important. Keep things fun with come colorful statement pieces, like these gorgeous mesh leggings from American Eagle, or keep things breezy and cool with this cut-out tank top from Free People

5. Gold jewelry

Big, chunky gold jewelry was seen all over the runway at Bogotá Fashion Week this past spring. Jewelry like this is great because you have the option of either buying lots of cheaper, trendy pieces or investing in some more expensive classic ones. No outfit is complete without accessories, and gold instantly makes a statement and will instantly elevate any look. Dress up a more casual, everyday look with this gorgeous chunky gold chain necklace from Bauble Bar, or spice up your classic work attire with some bold pieces like these statement earrings from Charlotte Russe

Style inspiration can come from anywhere and anything, so keep your mind open when looking for new pieces to wear. If you feel like your wardrobe has been lacking in originality, browse the websites of stores you’ve never shopped at and check out some style blogs. There are style hundreds of bloggers from every part of the world, each with their own unique take on current trends. So step outside your comfort zone and see where inspiration takes you!

Meghan is the Life Editor and a National Features Writer for Her Campus. A senior at the College of the Holy Cross studying English and History, she hopes to one day write a novel (or at least edit one) and is constantly in search of a good book to read, her next cup of coffee, and a dog to pet.
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