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5 Fresh Ways to Wear a Scrunchie With Basically Every Outfit

The scrunchie, one of this year’s most popular retro trends and the ultimate accessory, is arguably the most versatile tool in your style arsenal. When I think of scrunchies, I think of pictures of my mom in the ’80s and ’90s living her best life, and how I always thought they looked so cute on her.

However, the ultimate question persists: How do you style a scrunchie when you want to make a fashion statement, but you’re dry on styling inspiration? Look no further, y’all. I’ve compiled a list of the most stylish ways to modernize scrunchies for your everyday wardrobe.

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Wear to add a pop of color

Looking to up your Insta influencer game? Change up your usual looks with a pop of color from a bright scrunchie.


Try adding a scrunchie to a high ponytail for a fun twist on a mundane style. And if you’re really feeling the nostalgic vibes, pair your scrunchie with a denim jacket and your favorite high-waisted skinnies for the ultimate throwback look. The millennial pink scrunchie paired with this vintage-inspired outfit is giving me life. 

Wear one around your wrist

Add a little sass to your outfit by wearing your scrunchie around your wrist. If you’re like me, you’re constantly misplacing or losing your hair ties. But I promise you’re much less likely to lose a scrunchie that you’re wearing as the statement part of your outfit. 

We stan a multitasking accessory.

Carry one on your keys

Be unconventional and put an extra scrunchie on your keys for safe-keeping. It’s the perfect addition to your keychain, especially if you carry them outside of your purse and use them as an accessory. Plus, you’ll always have an extra on hand for your one BFF that is constantly asking for an extra.

Decorate that messy bun

Not all scrunchies are strong enough to hold up all the hair you have, so use it on top of a regular hair tie to spice up an everyday look. 

Don’t be afraid to wear colors you normally wouldn’t try when experimenting with scrunchies. You can begin getting used to wearing bolder looks while you’re studying or hanging out with friends before conquering the real world.

Wrap at the end of your braid

Braids are a timeless hairstyle that can be executed in so many fun ways, so why not incorporate a chunky scrunchie to the ‘do? We all know what it’s like to have hair in your face while running around campus all day, so keep your hair in place and make a fashion statement on-the-go.

Scrunchies aren’t just for your retro #TBT anymore — they’re worthy of your #OOTD. You can incorporate them into your everyday wardrobe without feeling like a total throwback, and still easily embrace the awesomeness when you’re feeling extra. Happy styling.

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