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5 YouTubers to Watch for Plenty of DIY Décor Inspiration

If you’re active on Twitter, TikTok, or really any social media platform, you may have stumbled upon pictures or videos of people showcasing their impressive craftsmanship and handiwork with even more impressive DIY crafts and transformations during quarantine — we’re talking furniture, décor, recreating $10,000 mirrors, you name it. As ooh and aah worthy as these creations are, the thought of going to town with a hammer, nails and power tools can be a little scary. 

But DIY YouTube channels have been around forever, and you’re sure to find a video that walks you through your desired project of choice. So whether you’re looking to upcycle old furniture, revamp your space on a budget or simply spruce up your décor game, here are five YouTubers to check out for some major DIY inspiration.


Best Dressed

Ashley, aka “bestdressed” on Instagram and YouTube, has been a content creator for four years. Her channel includes spunky and creative fashion, thrifting and lifestyle videos. While her content is not strictly DIY-based, she shows off her legit DIY skills — the kind that make you want to dig through your dad’s toolbox — in her apartment tours and extreme room makeover videos. No stranger to a hand drill and plywood, Ashley’s channel is the perfect place for fun, aesthetic and perfectly manageable DIY décor inspo! 

Mary Elizabeth

Mary Elizabeth, an LA-based interior decorator and stylist, is most well-known for her extreme makeover videos on YouTube. A big proponent of thrifting and vintage finds, her videos are filled with great ways to reuse and restore pieces that can completely transform your space both affordably and sustainably. Mary’s videos are the perfect guide to give any space, whether it’s your bedroom or kitchen, a face-lift just by adding a little spice and making a few simple tweaks here and there. 

Mr. Kate

Mr. Kate is a family-based interior design and DIY YouTube channel with a ton of different design and décor related series. Take a quick scroll through this channel and you’ll find budget design challenges, easy DIY decorations and hacks, extreme makeovers and collabs with your favorite influencers and creators. 

Mr. Kate shows you how to redesign and DIY just about anything, from a glam room to a tiny home on wheels!

The Sorry Girls

TheSorryGirls, Becky and Kelsey, are DIY royalty. This Canadian power duo has been on YouTube creating amazing DIY-based content for 10 years. With over 2 million subscribers and plenty of recognition from the likes of Good Morning America and the New York Times, their talent and creativity has never wavered 

TheSorryGirls post weekly content ranging from last-minute DIY gift ideas to Parisian inspired makeovers. Their channel is the epitome of true DIY and you’re guaranteed to find inspiration from their videos — hot glue-gun at the ready! 

XO, MaCenna

Have you ever wondered if you could recreate the interior designs and décor of your dreams all by yourself? You know, like all the saved pins on your Pinterest board without absolutely breaking the bank? If so, then XO, MaCenna is your new go-to channel. 

MaCenna’s videos are the ultimate how-to’s on achieving your décor goals in quintessential DIY fashion. Her channel not only has easy DIY decorations and makeover videos, but video tutorials entirely dedicated to achieving certain interior design styles, such as boho, industrial, and the very trendy Scandinavian aesthetic as well. 

Now go flex those DIY muscles! 

Zoë Skvarka is a senior MDS major at WVU. Zoë grew up living overseas, going back and forth between Turkey and Greece. Zoë is passionate about activism, fashion, alternative pop culture and art in all of its forms.