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5 Cool-Yet-Comfy Outfit Ideas When You’re Working from Home

With your new work-from-home lifestyle, you might be feeling a bit uninspired when it comes to your fashion choices. Gravitating towards the sweats and hoodies is totally normal during this time –– don’t let anyone make you feel guilty for that. But if you have to WFH, you might as well be comfortable while doing it and take advantage of not having to dress up every day while you can.

I do recommend, at the very least, changing out of what you wore to sleep. It will trick your brain and make you feel better about not getting fully ready, while still providing some sense of togetherness. Also, who’s to say that being comfortable can’t still be fashion-forward? Here are some comfortable ‘fit ideas if you’re feeling a bit uninspired, but still want to stay comfy and cool.

The Athleisure Look

Athleisure (what a great invention) matching workout sets and clothing are made to wear during any time, not just when working out. It makes you feel active, like you have your shit together and is very “model-off-duty.” Picking out some colorful pieces is also a great way to get into the spring spirit while you’re stuck inside. Allow it to brighten up your day.



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  • Set Active, setactive.co, $45; shop now
  • Set Active, setactive.co, $34; shop now
  • Cotton On Body, cottonon.com, $18; shop now

The Oversized Look

You gotta love an oversized hoodie moment. They are the biggest warm-hug-in-clothing-form, and are a great replacement for your boyfriend’s (existent or non-existent) hoodie. You can make oversized look trendy and flattering by pairing it with leggings, comfy sweat shorts, or even wear solo. There are some great graphic hoodies out there, and ones with cool quotes and lettering that are so much more than just your average plain hoodie.



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The Cropped Look

When you’re not feeling the oversized look and are going for more of an everyday style, cropped tees and hoodies are another great option. A key feature about all these basics are you can really play around with color—neutrals or statements—and play them up with accessories. Joggers and leggings are a perfect pair for the cropped look—a match made in heaven.



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  • Boohoo has the perfect cropped hoodie selection
  • Pacsun has some fashion forward cropped tees right now that are super affordable

The Loungewear Look

If you’re going to be in lounge clothes all day, they might as well be cute. Matching loungewear sets are the new thing and have become so many people’s WFH uniform. Sets are easy, effortless and give you a complete ‘fit without any decisions necessary. Chances are you’re spending your days like many of us, moving from your bed to your desk to the couch, but at the very least you’ll know you look good.



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The Every-Girl Look

I like to call this the “every-girl” look because I feel like you see just about every girl wearing this style all over Instagram, Pinterest, and social media in general. This look is the classic sweats and a crop top. It’s the perfect mix of oversized and fitted, comfy and put together—a trendy look that you definitely won’t feel bummy in. It’s so easy to switch out with different neutrals and again accessorize to dress it up with some details. I’ve found jewelry to be key in making the biggest difference in taking your look from “I’m wearing what I slept in” to “I’m a cool girl and I know fashion.”



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Wearing sweats and being comfy can be fashion forward! I hope this provided some helpful ideas to spruce up your WFH attire.

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