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5 Black-Owned Shops Where You Can Get the Most Stylish Face Masks

While protesting, donating, sharing resources, and educating yourself are all great ways to continue supporting the Black Lives Matter movement, another great step towards long-term support is to slowly replace your everyday purchases with products from Black-owned businesses.

Whether we like it or not, face-masks are becoming a necessary part of outfits when leaving the house, so we might as well stock up. What better way to show monetary support than to ditch the disposable masks and purchase from some Black-owned shops? Keep scrolling to find great cloth face masks that add extra color and life to your usual mask rotation.

Majestic Monaye

Majestic Monaye, owned and operated by Alexcea Monaye of Denton, Texas, sells handmade face-masks and scrunchies made from recycled denim and fabric. The masks come in five adorable prints and are made to fit the face closely, instead of other styles which may hang loose. Made with three layers of durable, washable, and reusable fabric, these masks are great for day-to-day activities.

Nola Masks co.

Based out of New Orleans, Nola Masks co. has so many trendy fabrics to choose from. Whether you’re looking for floral, tie-dye, or polka-dots, the fabric is probably listed. These masks are also three layers of protective fabric, two layers of cotton, and one layer of Polypropylene, which is the same material used in medical face-masks. The masks can also be made reversible if you can’t choose just one pattern. If you are based in New Orleans, the shop owner can also organize a no-contact pick-up to get you your mask sooner!

Shon Simon co.

If you’re looking for a simple, staple, and inexpensive mask for everyday wear, Shon Simon co. is the perfect store. These ultra-soft and breathable masks sell for $3.50, and come in tons of colors — so you can buy one of each.


Oz+Õtz describes itself as a brand “about celebrating the natty, confident, sensuous woman.” They have 20+ unique designs, the masks are handmade, AND with every purchase of a mask, one is donated to medical personnel. Plus, the zebra print masks are everything to me.


WalyAccess, short for Waly Accessories, is a brand that specializes in African fashion and has a beautiful line of masks made with this style of fabric. These handmade, 100% cotton masks also have two sets of straps for a comfortable and adjustable fit.

Once we head back to school this fall, we’re definitely going to need more than one mask for class and work. Join me in making the transition to support smaller, Black-owned businesses. 

Megan is a senior majoring in Marketing Communications and Publishing at Emerson College and is currently an Editorial intern at Her Campus Media. She's spending her final summer in Boston and is making the most of it by trying all the take-out in Allston that she can get. Apart from writing, she is passionate about baking, thrift-shopping, ice cream, and making an honest attempt at reducing her Tik-Tok screentime.