4 Sustainable YouTubers You Should Be Subscribed To For All The Style Inspo

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When I walked into a Goodwill for the first time, all I saw were old pajamas and t-shirts from middle school sports teams. I thought I’d never be able to find pieces that I would actually like, and even when I did find a few, it was so hard to fit them into what I already had at home. Admittedly, thrifting in NYC makes it easier to find gems since many of the stores I visit are a bit more curated.

However, it can still be a challenge to blend vintage pieces with ones you might pick up at the mall. If you want to get more involved with sustainable fashion but have no idea how to style second-hand finds (I feel you), these four content creators will be sure to inspire your next trip to the thrift store.

Kristen Leo

With a channel focused on ethical living, fashion, and veganism, Kristen has been more than vocal about how problematic fast fashion is, and she is no stranger to calling out the brands involved. Whether you’re looking for a crash course on how fast fashion is impacting our world, ways to copy your favorite celebrity’s outfits using thrifted items, or just want to know what brands to be wary of, Kristen’s got you covered. She even has a video with tips to thrift like a pro!


When I first got into thrifting, I loved watching Kia’s DIY videos to see how I could take my pieces to the next level. I have yet to find anyone who styles patterns and textures the way that she does and her beautiful fro just makes her outfits that much better! Her Instagram alone will inspire you to try something new, but you’ll have to go to her channel to catch all of her styling tips.


I can’t decide whether I like watching Ashley’s videos more for her personality or the amazing outfits she puts together. If you like a little social commentary with your fashion, you’ll definitely want to check out her channel. Although she does include pieces from brands like Urban Outfitters and Asos, most of her outfits feature the cutest thrifted finds you’ll ever see. She also has several videos showing you how to style items multiple ways to get the most wear out of what you buy.


I only found Angelina’s channel a few weeks ago, but I already want to pull my sewing machine back out of the garage. If you bought a piece from the thrift store and got home thinking “there’s no way I can actually pull this off,” Angelina has a trick up her sleeve to make you fall in love with it all over again. From tips on how to upsize and downsize jeans to transforming your old tees, there she’s got DIYs for all levels of sewing expertise. Check out her videos to save money and add a unique spin to your old favorites.

It can be hard to see how thrifting can fit with your current style, but these four creators have shown me that it’s more than possible. Their informative (and super entertaining) DIY and how-to videos will most definitely inspire you to build a more sustainable closet.