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4 Places to Contour (That Aren’t Your Face)

So we’ve all seen (and been confused by) Kim Kardashian’s face contouring, but why stop with the face? There so much more you can contour. Treat the rest of your body, like your clavicle and cleavage, to some makeup TLC, too. Bonus: there’s even contouring for your biceps, meaning you can skip the gym and PAINT your muscles on!  

1. Cleavage

While we’re not quite sure what has happened to Ms. Jenner’s décolletage in the photo above, we’re guessing it’s a cleavage contouring malfunction. Fear not, collegiettes! We would never misguide you when it comes to contouring your assets and if you follow these simple steps, you can easily avoid a Kylie-inspired chest catastrophe. First, pick up a bronzer with some shimmer, like Physician’s Formula Bronze Booster 2-in-1 Glow Boosting Bronzer and Highlighter ($14.95). Next, using a fan brush, apply the bronzer in a “V” shape between your breasts, applying a bit more to the point of the “V.” It’s as simple as that—brush-on boobs!

2. Collar bone

Sure, this method is probably only going to be utilized on special occasions (how many times do you yearn to hear, “Nice clavicle!”) yet, it’s good information to learn nonetheless. The trick is to achieve an overall glow. Start with a BB cream that can be used on the body like the Jergens BB Body Perfecting Skin Cream ($12.99). From there, apply a highlighter to the top of the collarbone to create contrast. We like Smashbox’s Halo Hightlighting Wand ($32) which can also be used on the face. And that’s about it! Two easy steps for the best clavicle you’ve ever seen.

3. Arm

Warm weather = less clothing = sleeveless tops. Which means… WE NEED BUFF ARMS. If, like us, this is just occurring to you and you don’t plan on spending hours in the gym becoming best friends with the free weights, we’ve come up with the perfect solution. Draw on your muscles! It’s just like art, really. To achieve enviable biceps in minutes, first flex your arm. Using your free hand, apply a light dose of brown powder with a fan brush to the most hollow part of your arm, where your muscle is. Next, lightly shade the line where your bicep begins, about 1 to 2 inches from the inner bend of your arm. Don’t forget to smooth the lines and apply a setting powder so your muscles don’t rub off! 

4. Hair

We know what you’re thinking. Bronzer in my hair?! BUT. This technique requires zero makeup. It is the process of using hair color and shape to contour the head and face. This may require a little more assistance than some makeup and a fancy brush. Hair contouring usually combines color blocking, highlights and balayage, which is very natural color that is painted on. Sounds a bit complicated, but if you’ve got a trusted stylist, it’s worth a try.

Okay, we admit it—contouring can get ridiculously out of hand. We mean, clavicle contouring?! But there’s a first time for everything… would you test out any of these crazy countouring trends, collegiettes?

Mary Paige Nesfeder (known as MP on the volleyball court) is a junior Media and Communication Studies major at The Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C. She is about as contradictory as the Instagram accounts she follows (her faves are dcfoodporn and yoga_girl)! She finds solace in Jack Johnson, her Pinterest account and a good nap. She can't go a day without talking to her mom or daydreaming about the future.  
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