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With your summer glow still set in nicely, you want to be spending hours out of the house flaunting that *flawless* face at classes or at work. Whether you’re a makeup queen or you don’t even know where to find your local Sephora, check out these tips on using a highlighter that’ll make your beautiful skin even more radiant, even on days when you’re just not feeling it.

Snag the *right* brushes

To make your highlight even more professional looking, you need some professional-level materials. Your main partners in crime on this mission are going to be a fan brush and a smaller blending brush. These will help you apply your highlighter lightly and loosely to both wider surfaces, like your cheekbones, and smaller creases, like above your lip and under your eyebrows. The blending brush, as a (somewhat obvious) bonus, can help you blend the powder into your other face makeup for a smoother finish.

Choose your color wisely

Selecting a highlight color is a daunting experience, and choosing the wrong one can lead to some pretty drastic powder pitfalls. Pick a shade a just a smidge lighter than your skin tone, so you brighten up your face in a more natural-looking manner. If you’ve gotten even a little sun this past summer, make sure you aren’t using the same shade you do in the winter—find one to complement your sun-kissed complexion.

If you’ve got it, flaunt it

No two faces are alike, so why should any two highlighter routines be alike? If you’ve got smoldering eyes, focus on the corners, underneath the brow, and those dreaded under-eye circles. Want to make your lips pop? Brush some on your cupid’s bow and underneath the center of your pout. If you want to slim down your nose, highlight from the center the brows and the tip, avoiding the sides. And ladies with killer cheekbones? You know to give those apples an extra swipe.

Highlight outside the lines

You’ve already got the brushes, so why not show the rest of your body some love? If you’re planning on rocking something strapless, brush some highlighter along the length of your collarbone. Summer is also the season for short skirts and crop tops, so don’t be afraid to light your calves and abs for a bigger, brighter shine!

We these tips and a whole lot of practice, *maybe* our highlight game will be as on point as Kim K’s. 

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Elana Golub

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