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4 Collegiettes on Where They Got the BEST Pair of Leggings They Own

Admit it, sometimes you wear leggings as pants. It happens to the best of us! Considering the the amount of use we get from them, it’s important to have pairs that work both as casual loungewear and in the gym. However, it can be difficult to find the perfect pair of leggings. To help you on your search for your perfect fit, we checked in with collegiettes to get their recommendations:

1. Kristen Adaway, University of Georgia: Decree Leggings, JCPenney, $9.99

“My favorite leggings are JCPenney’s Decree leggings! They give the same comfort of pants without them being actual pants (ha). They also are always there for me if I ever feel like not putting on actual clothes for class.

2. Ashby Strauch, University of Florida: Stoic Leggings, Back Country, $48.75

“They are a great piece of athletic and casual wear because they hold heat heat in during cold weather and keep you dry and cool during hot weather!”

3. Alison Ortner, Dickinson College: Marika Leggings, Marika, $45.00

“These leggings are great both for casual wear when you don’t feel like wearing jeans or for when you’re hitting the gym. I’ve never found a pair of leggings as comfortable!”

4. Leanne Hopper, Dickinson College: Wunder Under Pant, lululemon, $92.00

“I seriously love these leggings! They’re super comfortable and I love that you can adjust the waistband. I like wearing them with boots and a sweatshirt during the day, but I also wear them to the gym.”

Where do you get your favorite leggings, collegiettes?

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