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Every notice that when you go out, more often that not, everyone is wearing similar outfits? Little black dresses, tight skirts and peplum, you know what I’m talking about. Makes it a bit difficult to get notice, doesn’t it?

I love LBDs, peplum and skirts just as much as the next collegiette, so to get noticed I let my natural looks do the talking. For example, one of my favorite features is my eyes, so I like to accentuate them. I almost never the leave the house without eyeliner on; my reliance on that has made it the norm, and nothing that really makes me stand out (especially to those that see me regularly). So when I want to up the accentuation of my eyes, I use tons of mascara, usually two or three different kinds, so that they will look thick and long. I learned this trick from my cousin whose eyes always blow me away, and I really do think it’s made a big difference.

When I pair this look with nude lipstick, it makes my eyes pop even more. I already have pretty full, red lips – so I tend to feel like I look silly with red lipstick, but the nude has a different effect on me, and I really like it. I save lipstick for very special occasions!

Fashion-wise, to get noticed a bit more, I also like to add a pop of color to basic black outfits. I have a great Rebecca Minkoff red going out bag, that adds a wow factor to my outfit. Same principle applies to my brightly colored DANNIJO necklace (below!) that I like to wear with blacks and whites to dress up my outfit and make people look twice.

Jewelry wise, I feel, on a regular basis, the best way to get noticed is to wear unique jewelry, that means something special to you. People can tell when something you wear is special to you. I wear a wishbone necklace from my little sister almost every day, and I can’t tell you how many people have asked me the meaning behind it. Talk about a great conversation starter! Same goes for the Claddagh ring that my mom got me for Christmas years and years ago — people always ask about it!

Those are the tips that specifically work for me – but think about how you can apply them to yourself! If you love a specific part of yourself, accentuate it; find ways to make your outfits more unique; wear accessories that are special to you. Let me know how these tricks work for you and what other tricks make you stand out by leaving a comment below.

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Cara Sprunk has been the Managing Editor of Her Campus since fall 2009. She is a 2010 graduate of Cornell University where she majored in American Studies with a concentration in cultural studies. At Cornell Cara served as the Assistant Editor of Red Letter Daze, the weekend supplement to the Cornell Daily Sun where she also wrote for the news and arts section and blogged about pop culture. In her free time Cara enjoys reading, shopping, going to the movies, exploring and writing.  
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