27 Things Every Girl Has in Her Purse

We've heard it again and again. When men visualize a woman's purse, they tend to describe something along the lines of Mary Poppins' magical, never-ending, possibly overstuffed handbag. Ridiculous, right? Right?

Okay, so maybe there's some truth behind the myth. Whether we're totally messy and throw everything we'd ever need into a great big pile of purse mess, or we stuff our goods in smaller, organized-by-item pouches for the neat purse look, we're probably guilty of carrying these common items around at some point or another. But hey, we like to be prepared, okay? 

1. Phone

There's no way you can expect us not to carry around our trusty cell phone. What if there's an emergency? What if we're in a socially awkward situation and need to seem cool, important, or busy?

2. Wallet

"Isn't that just a mini-purse?", they ask. "Isn't that excessive?" No. No it is not.

3. Keys

This is just another must-have. Even if it drives us crazy that we're somehow always jingling. 

4. Cash

So maybe we're broke. But even if there's none stashed in our wallet, we've definitely invested (too much?) money in whatever purse we're carrying. That counts for something, right?

5. Change

So much loose change... and probably not in our wallets, either. Parking meters are no match for us.

6. Gift/Credit Cards

We have no idea how much is left on this Starbucks gift card. But it sure feels great to do this.

7. Business Cards

We've picked these up at various networking events over the years. Will we use them? Probably not. It's the thought that counts. We're professional, alright?!

8. Receipts

These are just permanent reminders of our shopping problem. And that shirt we'll never return. 

9. Gum Wrappers

You won't catch us littering. 

10. Hand Sanitizer

Yes, we have three, and yes, two are probably unopened. But they were five for $5, and we couldn't pick just one delicious scent!

11. Tampons

Probably stashed secretively. And yet, there's somehow never enough. 

12. Hair Ties and Bobby Pins

So THAT'S where they've all gone missing to...

13. Lip Balm

A bare necessity. 

14. Mirror

Everyone needs to reflect sometimes. Or, you know, touch up their makeup.

15. Mints

...that we may have spilled everywhere.

16. Lotion


17. Pens

Evil pens that create random pen marks all over our purse's lining. Which doctor's office did we steal these from? 

18. A Pharmacy

Advil, allergy medicine, birth control—we've seen it all.

19. Tissues

Trust us, you don't want to be stuck without them. And they're all clean—we're not slobs!

20. Coupons

That free Victoria's Secret panty will be ours. As long as this hasn't expired...

21. Makeup

Because last time we checked, there aren't makeup fairies IRL.

22. Perfume

Preferably in roller form. Whoops. Smells like it leaked again. 

23. Band-Aids

...in all sizes. We aren't ashamed of being prepared. Really, you just never know!

24. Headphones

...that are probably tangled. Help.

25. Snacks

Candy, an emergency granola bar, leftovers from that restaurant you just left—you name it. We go from zero to hangry real quick. 

26. Mismatched Jewelry

From when we can't even with our earrings in the club and have to take them off. See that face? "Oh, maybe that's where I left the backs of these earrings!" is what she's obviously thinking.

27. Sunglasses

For everything from avoiding getting blinded while driving to hiding our faces after a long night out. Or, you know, just for looking fabulous.

What's the craziest thing in your purse, collegiettes?