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17 Tattoos You & Your BFFs Should Get for Galentine’s Day

Who needs a significant other when you have your best friends? And there’s no better way to bond than by getting matching tats, because ~relationships come and go but friendships are forever~. That may be the cheesiest friend quote ever, but hey, it’s true! Your gal pals will be there for you through thick and thin, so celebrate your friendship this Galentine’s Day with these adorable tattoos.

1. Because your bestie will always be your true love

2. Space stuff to symbolize that your friendship is out of this world


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3. Lyrics to your favorite girl power anthem


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4. The date of your friendship anniversary


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5. These gorgeous wildflowers to symbolize your wild friendship


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6. Because they’re the sun to your moon


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7. This super cute design

8. No matter where you are, you’ll always be BFFs


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9. Your personalities match like puzzle pieces


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10. When wine is the most important part of your friendship


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11. For the friends that are apathetic AF


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12. You keep each other safe

13. Even the same placement is enough


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14. Your friendship is a beach!


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15. Super wavy


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16. An eternal pinky promise


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17. Because your friendship is electrifying


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You can always count on your gals, so why not do something extra this Galentine's Day to show each other how much you mean to one another! 
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