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17 Makeup Organizers For All The Beauty Products You’re Bringing To College

You might have to make many adjustments when you first move to college, and among those is getting used to dorm living. The small shower, twin bed, and singular closet is a shock for many of us. Dorms might be small, but you don’t have to sacrifice bringing all your favorite items — especially your favorite makeup and skincare products — to college. With decor that maximizes space, you can make the most out of your small dorm room. 

Whether you collect makeup palettes or have a blush for every season, beauty collections can grow rapidly and might seem hard to store and keep organized, especially in a dorm. However, there are plenty of beauty product storage options that can maximize space, make your beauty items accessible, and fit the aesthetic of your dorm room. Here are 17 to get you started.

Wall organizers

These simple wall storage pieces free up desk or vanity space. The sleek design keeps your beauty items hidden while acting as wall decor. They are the perfect size for skincare, cotton swabs, or makeup bottles.

Amazon, $15

2-tiered storage

Tiered storage pieces allow you to hold a lot of items without compromising counter space. This modern cosmetic organizer elevates your storage pieces and puts your most aesthetic beauty items on display. The white and gold is versatile and can match any room decor.

Amazon, $18

Multi-dimensional vanity storage

Storage pieces that have both drawers and shelves accommodate for all the varying sizes of beauty products. Whether you want to store your brow pencils, brushes, or eyeshadow pots, this adorable organizer has a place for everything, and the color will add a bright pop to your dorm that might be needed among all the drab wooden furniture. 

Amazon, $30

Plastic rotating organizer

This acrylic spinning organizer keeps your desk neat and tidy. You don’t have to pick up the organizer to try and find a product because the spinning feature allows for easy access and shows you all of your products without digging. The clear design makes it subtle decor for your dorm and doesn’t take away from the overall aesthetic of your room. 

Walmart, $9

Cosmetic storage box

This beauty storage piece has tiered shelves and different compartments to fit all of your beauty must-haves. Also, the drawers have hidden handles, which makes for a sleek design. The individual compartments keep your lipsticks or concealers upright to prevent a mess and keep them tidy. 

Amazon, $18

Wood makeup storage

This wood makeup organizer brings the boho aesthetic to the storage world. Beyond being cute and unique, the tiered shelves move so you can accommodate products of varying height, or you can keep the shelves stacked to hide the items. 

Amazon, $20

Cosmetic travel bag

The best dorm decor pieces are multi-purpose. This travel makeup bag keeps all your beauty essentials stored, but also makes for easy packing when you want to go home for the weekend or take a quick little trip. The dividers are also adjustable so you can fit shampoo bottles, makeup palettes, or brushes. 

Amazon, $20

Three-drawer vanity organizer

The small, compact design of this three-drawer beauty storage makes for easy arranging and won’t clutter your counter. This piece is best for small palettes, brushes, lipsticks, or any small beauty product that gets easily lost at the bottom of your makeup bag. 

Amazon, $17

Makeup bag

This travel bag makes for effortless packing when you’re ready to break away from your dorm, but also has an elevated design that is high-quality. It is easy to store, move, or even hang with the hook that comes on the bag. It comes in multiple colors, so you can fit your storage to your room’s color palette. 

Amazon, $16

Brush holder

Makeup brushes can easily make a desk or vanity appear cluttered, but thankfully this four-compartment brush holder keeps your brushes tidy for you. It can also be versatile — two compartments can be dedicated to your makeup brushes, and the other two can be for your pens and pencils. 

Amazon, $11

Rotating beauty organizer

This storage option combines two elements that make for a great organization: tiered shelves and rotation. With varying heights between the shelves, different sized compartments, and multiple layers, it can fit all your products into one, so you’re saving money and space. 

Amazon, $35

Three-shelved storage

Though it’s on the pricier side, this West Elm organizer is worth it. The wood accents with sleek trays elevate your bathroom decor and are aesthetically pleasing. With plenty of room to showcase your favorite beauty items, it maximizes space and keeps the mess off your counters. Additionally, there’s a removable cup that can hold your brushes, lip liners, concealers, and more. 

West Elm, $46

Brush stand

This brush stand is both multi-functional and unique. It doesn’t just keep your brushes decluttered, it also acts as a drying stand after cleaning your brushes. The silicone grip ensures your brushes won’t fall and will remain in place. 

Amazon, $22

Drawer organizers

If you don’t want to take up any more space on your counters or walls, then work with the storage you already have by buying these dividers for drawers. You can stack or rearrange them however you like so you can fit all your beauty products in the drawers your dorm comes with. 

Amazon, $16

 Eyeshadow palette holder

Everyone has a surplus of something, and for makeup lovers that might be eyeshadow palettes. Eyeshadow palettes are hard to store because they can be bulky or too big to fit into drawers or baskets. Fortunately, Amazon has a palette organizer that comes with removable dividers, so you can keep growing your collection of palettes while keeping them organized. 

Amazon, $24

 Bamboo cosmetic organizer

Bamboo decor adds warmth to a room, but also can be go-to decor for multiple aesthetics, such as indie or boho. This beauty organizer has bamboo accents that will elevate the decor in your room while also providing multiple ways to store your makeup products. It is cute, functional, and convenient. What more could you want?

Amazon, $35

Makeup storage carousel

Also with bamboo accents, this multi-layered carousel organizer keeps the makeup products off your desk and acts as a beautiful display for your beauty essentials. The 360-degree feature allows for easy access and saves you from having to move about your small dorm room to look for your makeup products — it keeps all your faves in one place. 

Amazon, $39

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