13 Signs You're Addicted to Online Shopping

We're girls - loving to shop is part of the job description. Unfortunately, even in a world that contains adorable skirts and gotta-have-em shoes, that slightly annoying "everything in moderation" rule still applies. Here's how to tell when your passion for shopping has become an addiction. 

1. You have four different email accounts just so you can reap all the benefits of fake birthdays and “new member” discounts.

2. You don’t eat your feelings; you shop them.

3. You consider clothes “old” after you’ve worn them more than four times.

4. Your favorite movie is Pretty Woman just because of that amazing shopping montage.

5. You know approximately how long it takes for each of your favorite brands to put their items on sale. 

6. You obsessively track packages being shipped to you, as if knowing your J.Crew order was in Georgia at noon would make it arrive faster.

7. All the apps on your phone have to do with shopping, like Wanelo, RetailMeNot and Rue La La.

8. You’re always looking ahead to the next season, so in winter you’re shopping for spring and in spring you’re shopping for summer.

9. If your friends want to go to the mall, they automatically assume you’re coming.

10. You don’t understand the meaning of “window-shop.”

11. Your browser home page is your favorite clothing site.

12. You consider it a victory when you go more than a week without buying something.

13. You consider what you do a valuable contribution to the economy.