The 11 Most Fashionable Moments from 'Saved by the Bell'

As August 20 marks the 26th anniversary of Saved By The Bell, we couldn't help but think back on the good old days of the Bayside High gang on the '90s hit TV show. Between the cute boys and memorable fashion moments, there sure was a lot to reminisce about! Here's a peek at some of our favorite looks from the sitcom.

1. Zack's amazing oversized boyfriend tee—which we'd totally wear to bed.

2. That time Jessie looked like Barbie. You rock that lace, girl!

3. The Mr. Rogers-esque sweater that Zack actually nailed when he layered it over a button-up shirt. Preppy perfection!

4. The moment when Kelly totally predicted the matching crop-top-and-bottoms trend. 

5. When Slater wore a flamingo-colored button down because only real men wear pink. Extra points for the mullet.

6. That time Zack wore a sweater that looked like a Mondrian painting.

7. Lisa's multicolored herringbone blazer and hat get-up. 

8. When Kelly, Lisa and Jessie dressed up in '50s cheerleader uniforms.

9. When Lisa wore a funky purple leotard... or really anytime anyone wore '90s workout clothing.

10. That time Zack wore a Native American-inspired shirt, tucked into his jeans. Oh the '90s...

11. Kelly's peachy tee and matching skirt. Totally screams American Apparel!

We spy more than a few outfits we'd still wear today... can you guess which ones?